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Ichi The Killer


14 Aug 2003
*Warning* I'm just warning ahead of time that this trailer shows very graphic violence. Lots of blood, lots of gruesome stuff.

Dunno, I don't think this thing could pass with an R rating in the USA.
I run a cinema in London and nearly 2 years ago we had a japanese festival which included this film. I finally got it on DVD recently and must say that I enjoyed it. It is a bit gruesome in places but the style is very comic-like, it's based on a manga apparently but I haven't read it, has anyone else read it?

Is it any good as a manga?

Does it stay true to the original?

I haven't seen the uncut version but apparently it had a couple of minutes cut from it to get onto dvd in the UK. I got the dutch version which is very good quality with 2 discs and loads of extras.

Enjoy! ^_^
Yes it took along time before it was allowed on DVD in britain!! i have seen the few 15 mins of it, and i dint watch the rest, i thought it was sick. I wouldnt advice many people watching it.
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