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I would like to find Mitsuyama Toshiko


11 Sep 2003
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I have searched elsewhere before with no luck but I haven't given up. Mitsuyama Toshiko was my very special love so many years ago when I was a very young USAF pilot stationed in Ashiya (Kyushu). My efforts to be discharged in Japan were thwarted by the military command. Toshiko and I wrote to each other for awhile and then lost track of each other, though she has never left my heart or mind. This was 1956 and she would be about 70 now.

I want to, discreetly, learn if she is still living and, if so, how she is. Of course I would like to contact her but only if it turns out to be appropriate considering the circumstances of her present life.

I will greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks.
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