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13 Dec 2003
....if people still believe in old gods like anubis and thor. this will be a neat topic,you people should post you thoughts, as for me Anubis is the way to go.
lol plumping just for Anubis, or the actual whole religion? What about Amun-Re, Horus, Isis, Maat, Apis, Osiris, Sekhmet, Set and all the others that the Egyptians believed in?
in truth if the option was still around i might go in that religion...what was it called again?
that's the Ancient Egyptian one... before Alexander the Great introduced them to the Greek gods
well any ways back on the subject. i wonder if people in modern times still believe in things like that.
in norway some people still belive in the old nordic gods theres even a tv show on where this guy comes on with thors hammer and preaches. kinda like here in the usa on sundays you can see televised sermans. thats the only place i know of where people still beileve in the older gods
well... Native Americans probably still believe in their gods (Keneun and the Skyamsen etc), and Aboriginal Australians still eblieve in their gods (Julunggul etc) and African and South American tribes will probably all have their own patron gods...
how can you say no to this face. the guy who drew this is really good.


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