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I want to see some japanese poems


7 Sep 2003

i want some japanese short/easy poems to help me in my studing the language

actully i have only one poem:

Kiyoshi kono yoru hoshi wa hikari
sukui no miko wa mabune no naka ni
nemuri tamo-o. itoyasuku.

Kiyoshi kono yoru mitsuge ukeshi
makibitotachi wa miko no mimae ni
nukazukinu, kashikomite.

Kiyoshi kono yoru miko no emi ni,
megumi no miyo no ashita no hikari
kagayakeri, hogaraka ni.
Some great poems by women aristocrats from Heian era.

"My black hair tangled
As my own tangled thoughts,
I lie here alone,
Dreaming of one who has gone,
Who stroked my hair till it shone"

"When I think of you,
Fireflies in the marsh rise
Like the soul's jewels,
Lost to eternal longing,
Abandoning my body. "

Izumi Shikibu

"The flowers withered
Their color faded away
While meaninglessly
I spent my days in the world
And the long rains were falling"

"His heart, grown cold,
Has become my body's autumn.
Many sorrowful words
May yet fall like the rustling leaves."

" I thought to pick
the flower of forgetting
for myself,
but I found it
already growing in his heart"

Ono no Komachi

"The rooster's crowing
In the middle of the night
Deceived the hearers;
But at Osaka's gateway
The guards are never fooled"

Sei Shonagon

Wow ooooooooooooooooooooo1
Thank you Arashi-san very much
And you too bz_jpn !
I may fall in love with the japanese poems,maybe...

Arigatou gozaimasu
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