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I want to learn Japanese


19 Jan 2004
I love absolute everything about Japan and i want to learn Japanese sice i'm thinking of going to college in Japan but i cant afford the japanese lessons but mainly i want to a free sofware or site that translates Romanji to English so that i can learn japanese vernbal and if someone would post the other forms like Kanji and those other writing forms i wouldn't mind ;)
(Sorry but i dont know the other forms are called)
Memorize Hiragana and Katakana first of all, avoid using romaji.

The only way to learn spoken Japanese is to speak and listen with a native Japanese.

To get into a Japanese college you need to pass the 1kyuu JLPT. Start studying ;)
One of my favourite music groups is from Norway... Norway has a lot to offer... I wanna visit someday!
I've been interested in Japanese (language) for around 3 years (though, I've done probably about 4 weeks actual daily language "study" during that time due to chronic severe laziness), and I can't even say "hurry, tell me where the bathroom is before I piss myself".
I do have like 2 years left so i think i have plenty of time but thinking bout the other writing forms than kanji i get worried that won't be able to learn them cuz i tought there was only one form for writing
Cool you like a band from Norway. Ehat band is it?
There's Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji. But you probably know that now..I'd worry about speaking/listening comprehension alot more than I would writing.
I agree with sacred. Learn how to speak it first, then once you get it down start writing the alphabet. Act like your a kid in kindergarden and have to learn everything over, now give yourself assignments dealing with writing japanese.

Also, if you want to learn cheaply, I suggest buying a japanese to english dictionary or better, a trabel book that teaches japanese for the traveler heading to Japan. Thats what I currently have and so far I have learned more than I ever did using free sites.

Or you can take the approach of asking a japanese speaker on this forum to tutor you. Once a week is enough, and when you arent being tutored you study from books, sites, etc.

Secondly, I highly suggest you learn particles, sentence structures etc. I started learning words and sentences and sure, they help but when you can form your own sentences then you are mastering the japanese language.


And remember, when in Japan, anyone who pisses you off seriously, call em' a baka, big insult to the japanese and perfect insult for those who just cant stop bothering you because you are american. Though I doubt anyone will hassle you since the japanese are always on the go and ignore most people

~Arigato, Ja Matta~
Tutor or Japanese friend is definately the way to go. Say what you will, you won't learn unless you speak and are spoken to. Having more than one friend or tutor to talk to is good too, because not all Japanese talk at the same pace and clarity, as in any country.

Don't call a Japanese a baka, it's bad enough disrespecting someone in their own homeland in their language while you might have taken something they did the wrong way. If they really do intentionally piss you off, go off at them in English or just ignore them..Always on the go and ignore people? Hmm..I wouldn't call gaijin ignored..Maybe in Tokyo..
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