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I want to learn Japanese


18 Jan 2004
i have a friend... who's trying to teach me... but i'm no good... and i need someone to teach me, because i can't afford books or anything... :eek:
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Originally posted by lychos
i have a friend... who's trying to act all smart... but they don't know much more then i do... and i need someone to teach me, because i can't afford books or anything... :eek:

There's lots of websites to help you learn from the start. Before anything, I would learn hiragana... You'll learn how to spell and pronounce everything easier IMO
Originally posted by lychos
ummmmmmmmm... that site won't load 😄

I just tried it... It's working... Has some really stupid stuff on there... learn how to sing "Rudolf" in japanese...
those sites r good to learn the basic rules and they help u memorizing hiragana and katakana... but of couse u'd need to take formal classes to improve ur skills and learn as much as possible
huzzah! helpfulness! 😄 people here are very nice... 😄 but i've checked around and i can't find anyone in my town to give me lessons 😄
Do you live in Canada? I thought there were tons of Japanese up there..At least that's been my impression when I've gone around Niagra Falls ;)
yeah... lots of japanese people come here in the summer... but it's the middle of winter... 😄
If you live in a small town you might be in a tight spot. But if you ask around more you'll probably find someone willing to teach you for money, or you could try making friends with Japanese kids your age in the area.
there's a japanese girl my age next door... but i'm not the great with girls... :eek:

気のせいよ (It's just your imagination).

彼女、あなたのこと気にしている。 (She must care for you too). ;)
I am learning Japanese in High School. My teacher is funny, and the class is funny also. Dont you think Japanese people are funny?
lychos, Niagra Falls has japanese students doing homestays... look hard enough, you'll find them...
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