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I want to learn, but need help

jeremy briggs

26 Jan 2004
I need help all you guys and girls. I really want to learn japanese so I can sale my manga in japan someday. Could someone please tell me were I can find some books I can buy on web or some good web or some good websites on the web so I can learn, american so it must be a book in english or something. Thanks

P.S.: I'd also like to understand the words to my Jpop cds, and not just listen to the tracks, so please hurry.


A good place to start are the old posts. You can go back and find tons of info on great sites and books etc. in the old posts. A good place to start would be a Borders book store if you have one in your area. The small one near me has 4 shelves of Japanese learning books.

Good Luck,


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