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I want to go to Japan :(

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12 Jul 2016
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Hello everyone. I'm new here.

I feel like going to Japan is a dream that is very difficult to come true. :( Thinking about that makes me really depressed. I had a golden opportunity back in 2013 but I let it go at the end (I was granted the MEXT scholarship for Research Students but declined it later) I still regret my decision but I just had to decline it.

Now I'm considering looking for a job in Japan. I'm planning to do a master's degree in one of the best universities in the UK. Do you think having a master's degree in translation studies will help me find a good job in Japan?

Maybe I should just keep learning Japanese and working hard and that day will come, right? I can't wait to visit Japan and live there for some time.
^ lol. That doesn't look like a good introduction. Well I just wanted to say that going to Japan is something I've been dreaming of for a very long time.
Welcome to the forum, @MonMon ! Perhaps you should start by visiting and travelling in Japan to familiarise yourself with the culture and then take it from there.

The topic of moving to Japan is a frequent one here on the forum, just read through the related threads.
A great Japanese will probably help you more on the job front then a master, but no one says you can't have both :) Good luck, you can always try applying to those big company that hire non Japanese speaking people, because why not, nothing to lose right?
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