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I wanna see my father again.


20 Oct 2016
I am Haft Japanese, i born in aichi-ken japan, i am not using the last name of my father because that time when i was born, father still in process to set annulment of his previous wife. mother bring me her country expecting that i can still go back in japan. and father stop supporting after 2years. and now i am 23 years old . planning to go back in japan and wanna see my father and look at him in my own eyes because the last time i saw him is im just 1year old,but i dont know how. the only proved that i am japanese is my NSO birth is registered in japan but the father record at my NSO in blank altho we know that his the one who registered it. because no one in my side who registered NSO birth, ive been using baptismal only until i graduated highschool because we expect i dont have NSO. then when we check again because college school really require NSO, then my NSO birth show up and the complete details where i was born is there, but like i said the fathers there is blank maybe because he still have not get the annulment for his wife.
one more thing my mother really dont remmeber the birthday of my father and the right spelling of my fathers name, and this is the name of my father i dont know how to write the right spelling of his 1st name.
Yamada, Senkou

sorry for a bad english, this is not really my main language.
What else do u know about him? His name and where u were born aren't enough information for us to help you.

Where did he work? Do u have an address? Etc.

As he is your father and you are 23 I understand you want to meet him.
thank you for the response.
this is not accurate address but im sure this is the close address to him.
Komaki City, Aichi Ken,

i also have a picture of my father and mother 3 of us. i know too small i just repicture is again with old smart phone. but i dont know how is the change of his face in the picture he is 50yrs old ++.
today he is 70 yrs old++ probably.

and this is me when i was 1yr old .

i will post here more if my mother remember some details of my father. thank you very much.
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