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I think goths are funny.


13 Dec 2003
I really do, I mean all they say is:
"Blah, blah, blah, my life is over. Oh, I'll just take drugs and smoke because I'll look cool. I'll get a mohawk because it'll make me look cool! I'll get a few trillion piercings, tattoos and won't listen to my parents. I'm a teenager. That's the sort of person I am. I don't follow rules! I'm a punk!"

Do you think they listen to themselves? I mean, their lives aren't over so what are they going crazy about. They're idiots, plain and simple.
I concur! Seriously, when you get older, which is inevitable, all you'll be able to do is look back on your life and see how much it sucked all because you let it suck.

P.S. Let the flaming being!

Thats not a gothic minded person; thats a manic-depressant/bi-polar/inferiority-esque complex etc. minded person.

A current gothic minded person is without a doubt, Mel Gibson. No foolin.
Heh...Winter is right.

Anyway, I think the goth stuff is just an act for some people. They think it looks cool and it's cool to act the way they think goths act. It's a phase that they will eventually grow out of.
I don't think those people you describe are goths. I know goths who don't ***** as much and they aren't druggies. Its not fair for you to put them all in one catagory, ther are many kinds of goths. Your descripition sounds like a poser (for the lack of a better word) goth. There are many kinds of goths in this world not just one.
Gothics are cool people. Great, knowledgeable people who keep a witty, if slightly crude, knowledge about the world.​
I have never met a goth who has called themselves a goth. I find that most of the poser types do that, I'm not saying all, just most i know

The odd balls that stood out when I went to high were the ones without a tie and suitcoat. About that time the Beatles came out and the few kids the were radical enough started to grow long hair. Adults were agast that a boy would want hair like a girl. Guys were expelled if their hair touched their shirt collar ! The jocks would gang up on a guy if they though his hair was too long and cut it off. Any guy with long hair was called a queer. It diffinately was hard to stand out. If you wore jeans to school once, you were sent home. The second time expelled for a week. I wore a sweat shirt over my white shirt & tie and had to remove it or be sent home. Now I'm talking just plain ol school, not religious or private!! When I see something like Goths or cross dressers, I think how great the freedom is you have now !!


"The jocks would gang up on a guy if they though his hair was too long and cut it off."

Still happens today, only thing diffrent is that you come back with you friends and make them "pretty" with iron nuckels and bats:devilish:

P.S: Its the "law" in school now(at lest where I am), dont mess with people and they wont mess with you(aint joking ether).
I've run into goths a few times in my life and it's the same thing every time. Cowardly little jackals alone, but tough guys when they out number others. I've only met about five or sixs goths who are pretty cool indviduals (they just enjoy the darker parts of life, but not to the point of 'life is pain, only death is joyful' and bull like that).

To each his own I guess.
Good story, Frank!

I went to a private Catholic School for many years.
Same drab uniforms everyday, but at least I never had to worry about what to wear in the morning!
Seriously, the nun there were tough cookies.
I remember a Italian buddy of mine had sorta a little "tail" on his hair cut, it came just over his collar.
A nun snuck up behind him and cut it off!!!!


"Goths?" Whatever floats your boat, I guess.
Ok time to show my age and make a confession!
I admit it. I was a dirty Goth the first time around back in the 80窶冱.
Ahh the memories 窶ヲ..
Backcombing and crimping my friend窶冱 hair till it cascaded down his back in a jet-black main. And then spraying it with an entire can of hair fixer till it could withstand a wind tunnel.
Pencilling in each other窶冱 eyebrows to get that Egyptian look and because we had over plucked them.
Squeezing into the most pointed shoes we could find no mater how painful.
Scaring the staff at the McMurder in Wolverhampton by clawing at the windows at 7:00 in the morning, screaming for coffee after having been to a 窶呂hristian Death窶 concert.
The screaming hissy fit窶冱 about whom was cooler, Andrew Eldritch or Carl McCoy.
Staring down and freaking out the gangs of drunk townies looking for a fight.
Playing the most depressing music possible to people we hated
Watching the boys compare foundation creams and mascara.
Giggling at the plonkers with Anks who thought it was the symbol of death.
And just living life窶ヲ

That was what the Goth movement at the time was about in the UK.
The dressing up and make-up was our shield against the rest of society who didn窶冲 get it.
We embraced life for all it was worth because we accepted the fact that one-day we would die.

And there窶冱 the difference, today kids seem to be embracing death because they can窶冲 or won窶冲 accept life. And it窶冱 sad. Most of the kids I窶况e talked to have no hopes or dreams for the future what so ever. They don窶冲 believe they can make any kind of difference to life.
What kind of society have we become, when we can窶冲 even offer our young hope!
Nice post Rachel. Brings back memories... I was never a "Goth" per se but I was still a social outcast, heh. Back in the day I used to have straight hair longer than most women (as opposed to the "Mr. Clean" shaved head I sport now) and me and my mates used to be pretty heavy into the metal scene wearing the black leather jackets, ripped jeans, dark shades, etc. All throughout high school people labeled us as "burnouts" and thought we were a bunch of druggie misfits hellbent on living fast and hard (well... some of us were, lol).

The way I see it... high school is kind of like a training ground for people to find themselves. Labels and cliques are predominant ("preppie", "jock", "geek", etc.) and parents seem to universally want the same things for their kids (get good grades, go to college, etc.). Teenagers on the other hand want to set themselves apart, find their own identity, and break away from social conformity as much as possible. Goths simply represent one aspect of that extreme and are completely harmless for the most part imho. People go through many phases during the course of their lifetime and I think most would be hard pressed to find any middle-aged Goths today (except at a Buffy convention maybe 8-p).
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Im sorry, this isn't much of a reply but this just made me laugh so much from the first link that caitcid posted..... "They give me diarrhea".....:D :D :D haha...ahem.... just thought it was funny....

I admit it, I'm somewhat gothic. But I don't do drugs or anything. I'm not like that. I mean, sure, I like wearing black clothing, makeup, and accepting that one day I'm going to die, whether I like it or not. That doesn't mean I go around screaming to the world that 'Oh look, I'm a goth, I'm dying, I hate my life' etc, etc. That just seems stupid to me.
I really dont think wearing dark makeup or black clothing has anything to do with the definition of a gothic mind. I think thats more of a lack of taste in fashion.

No offense.
Another thought. I think its a misconception that people of the gothic persuasion 'crave' death, or have a disdain for their life in that they 'want' to die. Its merely a fascination with the macabre, and death. Not for the sake of shock value, but for the concepts themselves. They are interesting.
it sounds dumb but if you were fasinated with death etc wouldn't you be 'morbid' rather than 'gothic'?

isn't gothic just a time period? ...surely they weren't all about the death in gothic times? sure, there was a lot of death but were people really interested in it?

That doesn't really make much sense..just some questions that popped into my head when reading the thread.

goths were a tribe of germanic people long ago, actually the first to defeat the roman army, which eventually led to the fall of rome if i remember history class correctly anyway.
gothic is also an archetecture style. :p

basicly the reason i dressed as i did in highschool was if a person was gonna judge me for my clothes and not talk to me or think whatever they may think then they really arent worth talking to in the first place. more of a way of weeding out people than anything else :)
Goths didnt lead to their fall Jeisan, but they did f*ck them up pretty bad, and became the Visagoths of Spain.

The gothic mind of this thread obviously has nothing to do with that.
An analysis on goths...

Everyone in society has a different view of what a 'goth' is. Most people just look at someone dressed in all black, smoking, or listening to death metal, and call them 'goths'. Being a goth is being anti-establishment. Totally against the 'system' You don't want to go with the flow...but you have to, or else you will be eliminated from society. You won't change yourself to please society, and you don't mind being an outcast. You enjoy it. Yes, goths dress in black, but it has nothing to do with being fascinated with death.
So, I guess being punk is a branch off of being goth, since punks are rebels who dress as they please and dislike the rules of society. But who cares anyway? Labeling people is stupid, and so are cliques. Everyone is different, and likes different things. Get over it
Gothic minds are different. Poe is the essance of a gothicly poetic intellect mind, but he didnt overtly try to 'defy the system.'

The gothic mind you explained is the current form, but the gothic mind I explained was one more sided with fascinations of the macabre. Personally I think people confuse the gothic mind you explained with mere teen adolescent angst, which almost always burns out the second one gets a nice piece of tail.
Goths are just further sheep that dress to fit into some niche or other in soceity. Anybody can be interested in what you've defined as a 'Gothic' mindset, yet you would label few of them as such, seeing as they dressed difeerently.
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