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I talked to akiko, tonite.......I found her....


3 Oct 2003
Well, some dreams can come true....tonite I called Japan Info and got Akiko's phone number since I knew of the old address. I called and guess what, she was there, but she seemed happy and sad at the same time. She must have been in shock, I mean, she really did not talk too much. Well it had been 14 years since we had any contact at all. I gave her my email address but I do not know if she will email me. I will call her again, not tommorrow, I will give it a week to sink in for her. My search began after I had dreamt about her about 3 weeks ago. I had talked to her in this dream of mine and then I woke up and just felt that I needed to find her. I am so happy right now, I am just happy to have heard her again. All of you searching for that long lost person, do not give up, if you have the old address, send a letter to that address, it can get forwarded, call that old number, keep searching, that is the most exciting part of it all, the final out come. If you need help email me at blameyrself @aol. com. Good luck.....🙂
How can I find an email address in Japan?

I would like to find an email address of a person in Japan. How do I go about that if I live in the United States?😄
Wow, congratulations, man. I wouldn't really know how to get an email addy though, just wanted to say congrats, and I'm sure that this will inspire others searching for lost friends.
I've been searching as well for a woman in Japan, and it's funny it's been 14yrs as well, 1989 i left okinawa while in the marine corps. How did you call Japan info? Let me know thank you. And congratulations you didn't give up, i did and after your experience i'll try and resume the search.
All smiles now, she emailed me.....


Let's see, she has emailed me back. It has been 15 years and we finally have made contact once again. Akiko has always had a place in this heart of mine and I am so glad that, well, she has made me feel like 17 again. I hope that all of you have the same luck that I have, once it happens everything happens fast. take care . bruce.
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