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I really need the help of someone who knows Japanese...


26 Mar 2004

I have tried everything I can, even using language translators to try to reach a particular person, but I haven't had any success. I was wondering if someone who could read/write Japanese could help me:

I run a website, Dwarf Puffers It's for aquarium hobbyists who keep this fish and want to learn more about them. The most experienced person with them (who has bred them in captivity, etc.) is a guy named Ren who is from Japan. He used to post on an english message board but hasn't been seen in about 2 years. I have tried every way to contact him but his e-mail addresses do not work anymore.

Well, I was looking on his Japanese site with an english translator, and I found that he has it own bulletin board that is still active! I posted a message on there in English to see if someone knew where he was, but it was ignored. I was wondering if someone could help me post a Japanese message?

Here's what I'm trying to post:

Title: Does anyone know where Ren is?

Post: Hi,

I am from the U.S.A. and have a dwarf puffer website: Loading...

I have been trying to contact Ren but no email addresses work. Can anyone help me?

I cannot read Japanese and am using a translator to view this website.

Thank you,


If someone could translate that for me so I could post it, I would appreciate it very, very much! I have tried everything I can think of and this is basically the last resort. If I can't find him this way then I'm afraid I never will :(
You only posted just today or yesterday, right? Why don't you give him a few days? Did you try the geocities address? It looks like he hasn't been on his own board in a while, though. Odd.
Yes, I have tried the English page many times. I went to his Japanese page to see if I could find more information (it has a lot more to it than the English version), and that's when I found his messageboard.

I know, it is odd that he hasn't posted on his own board.... it's like he's just disappeared. I was hoping that if I posted my question in Japanese that one of the other Japanese board members could give me some information on his whereabouts.
Not perfect Japanese but this should do:


Loading... です。

最近この掲示板に出っていなさそうだし、どうになって いるでしょう?

[email protected]


Ewok85 said:
Dwarf Pufferfish? They must be soooo cute!

Yes, they are quite adorable! They're only 1" long when fully grown :)

I appreciate everyone's help but it looks like my posts are being ignored on the messageboard :( Ah well, we tried and that's all we can do.
jread said:
I appreciate everyone's help but it looks like my posts are being ignored on the messageboard
Most likely they don't know any more than you do. Message boards and websites hang around long after the people who set them up move on to other things.
Makes you wonder how many sites out there have been set up by people no longer alive. If I passed away I don't know what would happen. I haven't set up a succession plan for my web site. A Japanese friend of mine passed away in his sleep last year. He was only 35(!) or thereabouts. I don't think he had a web page, tho.
Good points, guys.

I really do think something may have happened to him. He stopped posting on the internet very abruptly..... as if he just disappeared. I guess his web service is free or else *someone* is paying for it.

I do wonder what would happen to my sites if I died. I get charged a monthly fee for my webhosting, so I guess they'd be shut down if I stopped paying for them.... I dunno.

There is a betta fish site on the internet who's administrator is missing. The admin. approves new memberships to the forum, but he has disappeared completely. No new people can join because of this and nobody knows where he is, lol.
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