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i need the visual kei history


16 Sep 2003
please, i offer my body to anyone who can give information about the beginnins of the japanese visual kei.
I can use information about x-japan, dir en grey, malice mizer, moi dix mois. Mainly I need dates, and specific info about it.

I would really thank anyone who can help me right now.. im kinda in a hurry...
Check X JAPAN for a good history of the band.

X were basicly the first Visual Kei band that made it big. I don't dare to say they were the first to apply Visual Kei in their image.

Anyway, they were inspired by the British glamrock scene from the seventies. That's where it all originated from.

Once X made it big, other bands started doing the same thing with their image. A whole Visual indies scene emerged. Some of those went major, like Luna Sea, Glay and Malice Mizer.

Dir en Grey came in the aftermath of the Visual Kei period. They were formed when members from two indies bands came together to form a new band.

Hmm, i could tell you lots more about that period, but i currently don't have to time to do so. I'll let the others fill in the blanks. :)
Somebody on their J-Pop history website named Buck-Tick as the first group to apply the "visual" image to their group. Would that be a fairly accurate statement, or were there others before them?
Well, Buck-Tick was formed in 1985. X in 1982. I'm not sure if they were Visual right from the start, but i assume they were.
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