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Hello, I am lain, and i write form sweden. My boyfriend and I are going to present a research of three pages about whatever subject in japan.. But we didnt wanna make it too simple or too unoriginal, like about the commonly used business etiquette and stuff like that. I would like to write about a specific event and from there to expand to a more general topic. Like, for example, a new about some business event and from that topic i would talk about general issues in japanese business... nothing special, but at least not just a "copy and paste of what our professor taught us in his seminar.. Do you have any hint?

Thank you for your time! :p
Hi Lain,

to write a Japan-related paper without having a specific topic on mind is a difficult task indeed. Japan is so vast in history, culture, stories, legends and episodes, and I am not refering to the usual stereotypical Geisha-samurai-kogyaru-crowded-trains crap.

I haven't done any brainstorming yet, so here's some preliminary advice:

=> Papers on Japan: as the name implies, they call themselves an "online source for students writing papers on Japan's history, culture and politics, not for free, of course. However, they feature lists abundant in topics, you could pick up some ideas.

=> Check the latest news, for instance our own news page (permit me a tiny bit bit of self-advertising) in order to find an event or a story to hook your paper on.

=> In this very forum there is a section dealing with what I termed "hot topics". Perhaps one of these topics attracts your attention. I collected some interesting articles on each of them.

I'd be glad if you kept us posted, some other visitors might come up with a good suggestion.
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