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I need help searching for this anime song

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23 Feb 2018
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There is this anime song I used to listen to about 5-10 years ago. I cannot remember its name but I know it came from an anime. The singer was female with an anime-ish voice; somewhat high pitched. The song is fast paced, probably about romance. It's not a sad love song either.
I don't know Japanese, so I will state what it sounded like.
I remember clearly the song contains these words:
darenimo...otome (maybe "dame")...kokoro
Suki dakara...Imawa...

I can't remember much else, not even the name of this anime.

Please help me find it, thank you.
Those words are all common enough in romance songs that I doubt anyone would be able to narrow it down with just this information. Unless you have more information about the anime, genre art style, when the anime was released, etc I doubt anyone will be able to help. I have been surprised here before though so who knows.
:"darenimo...otome (maybe "dame")...kokoro
Suki dakara...Imawa..."
I did a search for the lyrics and there was nothing that completely matched.

The result of slightly changing the keyword to search
"誰にも 乙女 好き 今は" (darenimo...otome...suki...imawa...)
誰にも 乙女 好き 今は - アニソン★歌詞検索! - アニメソングとボーカロイドの歌詞を無料で検索♪
1. Anime :"真・恋姫†無双(Shinn Koihime Musou)"
 Song :"乙女のチカラ(Otome no Chikara)"

2.Anime :"護くんに女神の祝福を!(Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku o!)"
Song :"乙女心はザッハトルテ(Otome gokoro ha zahhatorute)"
     Episode 10 Insert Song.
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