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I need a sleeping bag...


20 Sep 2003
Hey everyone, I need to pick up a sleeping bag.

Any recommendations for a shop to go to in tokyo? I'd like something comfy, compact yet at least 190cm (I'm 186, is that good enough?), and waterproof.

It doesnt have to be any kind of super duper winter deep freeze model because I'll be using it in May when its not that cold.

Cheap is best...
I'd be looking for a camping store (probably expensive) or i know of an army disposal type store between okachimachi and ueno (you get off at okachimachi and walk towards ueno, its on a corner facing ueno, might have to walk back and forwards to find it)

Have you looked in your local department store? They normally carry anything and everything
Go to the area between Jimbocho and Shin-Ochanomizu. There are many sporting goods stores there so you can easily shop around and compare.
Right, I know about the sporting goods stores in the Jim/Ocha area, but was really looking for someone that knew of a super deal. Most of those stores there carry top end stuff that I dont need.
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