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I need a helping hand


8 Jul 2002
I am a Japanese learner,but I'm still quite a newbie so I'm going to love this lounge.😄
So,I want to ask some questions.
Please bare with my ignorance. 😅

1._How can I get my IE (Internet Explorer) to show Japanese characters?

2._Where can I get a Japanese font which will allow me to actually WRITE Japanese on images or in Word?Will I have to install a language pack or is it just a font?

I thank you in advance.:)

ps:I hate the fact that the bowing smiley is a girl 👊
Thanks for the info Thomas.
Doumo arigatou gozaimasu.;)
I'll see if this works and if I have something more to ask I'll post again.
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Hi! I'm new to the forum. I'm a student majoring in Japanese and Economics, and I'll be in Tokyo in the fall. Yuppee! Nice to meet you all.
よろし・ おねがいします。
にほんご げんてい コーナーも みて ・ださいね。

:) miyuki
If you have a good or quick internet access, you can go to


this website is great. very image intensive though.
Moyashi-san to Miyuki-san,

Arigatoo gozaimasu! I tried to write this message with Japanese characters, but Word is playing tricks on me, switching from Japanese to English all the time. Dame desu ne...

Miyuki-san, messeeji wa chotto wakarimasen. Koonaamo wa nan desu ka?
Watashi wa, yo-nen-gurai nihongo o benkyoo shimashita kedo, sonna ni tsuyoku nai n desu...
Ima natsu-yasumi desu node, nihongo o tsukawanai kara, wasureyasui desu. :eek:

Jyaa, yoroshiku onegai shimasu. ;)
wow, 4 years and you're this far along. egad! I must've drank too many beers in college.


Here's the story:
I took almost two years of Japanese in high school, then I took a break for two years, and then started from scratch (JAPN 101) in college. I'm a rising junior now,

Of course there are still many words I don't know... although I should improve a lot during my 4-month stay in Japan. I'll be getting there on Sept 16 and I'm so excited about Tokyo! I'll be studying at Waseda Daigaku.
Hi Diana-san,

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Your Japanese sounds beautiful and polite.
I am native japanese and I've joined here since July.
(It is my first experience to join a forum as a mentor.)
I am very glad if I can help your study.

<nihongo gentei lounge> dewa nihongo ya nihon no koto wo yasashii nihongo de syo-kaishite ikimasu.
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汚い日本語がしかしゃべれない外国人はかわいいそうだ ろう。
遊んでいる時は楽しいんだけど、仕事をしようとしたら 、ま。
敬語なんかできな・て、ずっと、小学生レベルな日本語 のまま

なんだよ。このトピックとまった・関係ねじゃねんかよ !?
こんなに 自由に 自分の気持ちを 日本語で 表現できたら
十分だと 思うな。
On the same topic Kiryoku had, I have WinMX and various Japanese language support programs which allow me to both read and write Japanese. However, WinMX doesn't seem to display Japanese characters or allow me to write them. Is there something in the settings that I have to alter or is there something I have to download with any program, for Japanese language support. I checked out the links you had and I couldn't find anything. Thanks!
Miyuki-san, arigatoo gozaimasu! Eigo wa jyoozu desu ne!
Watashi no messeeji osoku natte, sumimasen. Hoka no 'thread' mimashita. Sono thread no kanji to koko no kanji, yomiyasui desu. Demo, tokidoki hiragana no 'a' miemasen.

Jyaa, mata ne!


Moyashi-san to Thomas-san no okage de
hotondo no moji wa
hyo-ji dekimasu ga,
hiragana no "a" to "ku" ga detekimasen.
Ikutsuka no kanji mo tokidoki "mojibake" shimasu.

I am trying to search everyday's topic.
If you'll have any idea,please advise me!
Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!! v^^v
Here's an article that moved me to tears (about divorce in Japan and Koizumi's third son Yoshinaga Miyamoto):

Divorce, Japanese Style

Other possible topics:
- use of cash vs. credit cards in Japan
- lifetime employment: is it as popular as it used to be?
- how young people see the Japanese economy, and what they hope for the future
- Japanese cars: Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda etc.
- Junichiro Koizumi (we never get tired of him!)
- Masako Owada: I am interested in her story, and would like to know what other people think. It is a shame that such a smart, multilingual person with a potentially bright career sacrificed herself for Naruhito and now is hardly seen or heard in public...

These are all topics I'm interested in, and would like to discuss them with everyone else on this forum. ;)
Diana, yoroshiku.

Ok. You got em. If it's possible could you start the threads. I'll go off and fill em up.

Currently, though, a car thread is being developed. I was considering of splitting it though.

life time employment I touched briefly but you're right it should be given it's own thread.

hmm ... let's see if I can get to these over the weekend or next week.


Since you are "developing" threads, there's one topic I'd be interested in, social insurance in Japan...

Not urgent, just thought I'd mention it as future topic. Perhaps I will start it myself later today.
*sighs* My topic has become a chat room.....
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