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I need a friend...

19 Mar 2004
Hi, my name is Hitoshi, and i'm 50/50 japanese/chinese...
I can't speak japanese very well, and I kind of want to learn...no wait, I really want to learn. Please help me with my Japanese + English. I think my english is ok, but it still needs much help. :mad: :sorry:
Howdy Howdy !!

Welcome to the Forum!! Not to many people on yet to say hello to you. Tell us a little about yourself. Do you live in China? Why would you like to learn Japanese? Your English seems quite good in your post.
Don't be afraid to you the search button to find answers to questions asked before. Reading some of the old posts will give you other web sites to link to about Japanese & lots of great info on Japanese. If you have any specific questions, find the right area and post away.
Sometimes it takes a while for answers, but people on this Forum are helpful and REAL nice! Good luck !!

I would be happy to help you with english - but i need help with japanese also! Send me a message and we can talk, okay?
Konnichiwa Hitoshi Xiaotiao-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. Please enjoy the forum and learning Japanese 🙂 !

I am 16, I moved to america only a while ago, from hong kong, my mother is half japanese half chinese, just like my dad ^_^...
I want to learn Japanese because my dad used to tell me stories and stuff about old Japan, and I really am liking the culture. Also, I am practicing the art of Ninjitsu, so I would like to know my roots, because my dad says that our ancestors are Koga Ninjya.
Tahnk you all ^_^, msg me sometime on aim! I think I am usually online.
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