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i made it!


Canadian eh?
19 Jul 2002
hey everyone! i'm back ^_^ the move went great and school so far has been awsome!!! and get this for co-op i can go ANYWHERE I WANT IN THE WORLD!!! isnt that great! i'm soooo excited!
i have a scanner now but i forgot all my pictures at home :oops:
well i thought i'd just let everyone know that everything is just fine with me ^_^
Hi Anastasia, nice you're back! I hope we see you more often from now on.

and get this for co-op i can go ANYWHERE I WANT IN THE WORLD!!!

What are your preferences (apart from Japan of course, hehe)?
hey hey anastasia
, slow down girl lolol:clap:

I'v been meaning to contact you threw p.m. but you where not here so I left it meantime, great news!!!! you sound delighted at your prospects,, well we feel the same,, like I said when your famous ect just mention my name a few times lolol, just kidding girl , you make the most of it, dont be shy!!! and make a difference to this world, it needs it!!🙂

glad to hear from you again, keep posting here when ever you can, we will be awaiting!!!!
let us all know where you decide to go anastasia! and dont forget your pics hehe!!
Thanx a lot everyone ^_^
personally my first choice is to do co-op with Steve Irwin the crock guy, if not him then Japan, then New Zeland, then my last choice is Scotland.
I'll get to study the ecosystems and wildlife, needless to say i'm very excited to explore out of my own "backyard" :D
I really do want to make a difference, i'm going to start volountering my time to do Elk tracking and other wildlife surveys
well i'll keep you guys posted on new things and when i get a co-op
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