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2 Jul 2003
Hey there! I am new to these forums, so I don't know what to talk about...

Does anyone else here do case modding to their computer? I am pretty big into building custom computers. Here is mine...do you like it?

Here is what it has:
+ Cheiftech Matrix Full Tower Case
- Custom Airbrush artwork by AirbrushUnderground.com
- Blue Power & HDD Access LED's
- Dual 12" UV Cold Cathode Lights
- Directron.com Window Kit
- Virtual-Hideout Top-Mounted 120mm Premium Fan Grill
+ Custom Enermax PSU
- 431watt
- Blue/Red (Violet Effect) Quad-LED 80mm Fan Added
- Swiftech 12v Pump Power Relay Added
- PCMods.com Powerdown Protector Added to Relay
- (Pump Automaticly Powers on with computer, and pump and radiator fan run for 5 minutes after shutdown)
- Biohazard Laser Cut 92mm Fan Grill on Bottom
+ CPU / GPU Internal Watercooling System
- DangerDen "Coolmetal Blue" Black Ice Xtreme 120mm Radiator
- Enermax 120mm Adjustable Speed Fan
- Swiftech MCK525 Pump & 5.25" Bay Tray
- Swiftech Quick-Connect/Disconnect Fittings
- Swiftech MCW5000-A CPU Waterblock for AMD Processors
- Swiftech MCW50 GPU waterblock
- BayRes 5.25" Acrylic Water Reservoir
- Distilled Water
- Blue UV Reactive Dye
+ Abit AT7-MAX2 Motherboard
- Upgraded Solid Copper w/ Fan Northbridge Heatsink
- 10 USB 2.0 Ports
- 2 Firewire Ports
- Optical Audio Out
- 6 Channel Digital Audio Out
- 10/100 NIC
+ AMD XP 2800 "Barton" CPU - Overclocked to 2.134ghz
+ 1gb (x2 512MB) CORSAIR MEMORY XMS Series With Platinum - Silver Heat Spreaders
+Nvidia Quadro4 XGL 900 Video Card (128MB DDR, Performance Workstation Rendering Card)
- With TweakMonster Chrome plated Copper RAMsinks attached with Arctic Silver Adhesive
+ Promise ATA 100 IDE Controller Card
+ 5.25" Removable Hard Drive Tray
+ 4x DVD+R/RW
+ 16x DVD-ROM
+ Zip 250
+ 3.5" Floppy
+ 80gb 7200RPM SerialATA HDD (Primary)
+ 120gb 7200RPM HDD (Movies)
+ 80gb 7200RPM HDD (Files)
+ 40gb 5400RPM HDD (Music)

Any other case modders on here?
That's a nice piece of machine! Sugoi!
Did you do the art stuff as well? It looks fantastic.
Well, just bought a new computer. Not as fancy as yours, but still good:

AMD XP 2400+ CPU
Abit Nf7-s rev 2.0
Ati Radeon 9500Pro
1gb(x2 512)mb Crucial Pc3200 DDR
Zalman 6000cu+ cooler
Western Digital HD 7200rpm WD800JB
+ the usual stuff (cd-rw, floppy, network adapter, etc.)

If I didn't spend so much money in games, software and movies I'll never play/watch (due to lack of time), I'd be able to afford a machine as good as yours and do some modding.

Congrats anyway
I've got some fridge-magnets on my case. Does that count as modding? :)

Does all that stuff you mention actually fit inside the case?
Yeah, pretty unhealthy thought, isn't it?
I reckon if you don't move 'm around, they shouldn't cause any trouble. So far they haven't.
Keep praying. :D

A few years ago my mother tried to put some fridge magnets on my pc but fortunately I was there to stop it.

Hard Drives and magnets don't mix. :eek:
Nice MOD... but nothing really especially... Cool airbrush! but the front of your roms etc. should be blue as well.
RotaryPower > nice setup (and expensive!)

here is mine
tb1333@1530, gf3, 120GB wd, sblive
simple, 2 years old :)
Lovely case on RotaryPower,and you as well SirJeannot.I do see 1 minor draw back to them,aside that im posting in 04 nearing 05,yet that is irrelvent at the moment.What is,is that i see a lot of 1gb RAM when clearly the Mobo's both of you have bought can support 4Gb with ease.I can understand the need to upgrade later on,yet for the power you have in your computer to me at least it would seem logic to up your Ram to at least half its operating capacity.One other thing,i see a Nvidia no no,in your graphics.ATI is far superior then Nvidia in that area.Tell then adieu
Most impressive, Rotary! I've seen tricked out custom made jobs in computer stores, but none of them can touch your machine! Most impressive indeed!
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