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I know it's not the best ever....


30 Apr 2002
Okay, so I know it's not the best manga/anime out there, but is there any body who is a total addict like me and absolutly(i hate spelling)love love LOVES Dragonball, DragonBall Z and GT, or am I the only weird one here? And while I'm here, am I like the youngest person on this forum or somthing...I mean I haven't seen any other 15 year olds except saiyanguy86 but he's an exception...I know him.

Hi SayanChick, welcome to our board!

I haven't calculated the average age of our members, but I am sure you're among the younger ones.

Our forum is still pretty young too (wow, going on two months now). We have no limitations or preferences in regard to age, topics or opinions, so just post away.

Let me ask you two questions:

I've stumbled across "Sayan" a couple of times. Can you explain what "sayan" is/means?

Secondly, you've mentioned Dragonball is not the best anime/manga. So what's the best in your opinion?

Anyhow, nice to have you here! 🙂
Ah yes, the legendary Dragonball series.
It is quite cool actually, but the stories are a bit stretched too much for my taste.
I used to watch it when it was still on Cartoon Network overhere in Holland.
Hardcore animefans have some kind of grudge against Dragonball, but that's probably because it's become too popular and thus too mainstream.
And it's also heavily censored in the US. If you're a real anime-freak and you like Dragonball, you have to go for the original Japanese versions.

I have watched Dragonballs a couple of times, but I am afraid I am getting too old and senile to grasp its meaning.

Btw Peter, since your in NL you should be able to receive RTL: they screen it everyday. Would be interesting to know if it's censored too.
Hi sayanchick

DragonballZ, I have no choice but to watch it, and I must admit there is times I just can't get away from it till its over,lol.
Recently over here they showed the serious (I hate to use this word) fat baby, who turned his oponents into food and ate them, That was the edge of your seat material,haha and he could'nt get hurt , I sadly missed how they disposed of him, so if anyone out there knows,"Please I need to know",lol.

woooo my favorite!!! DragonBall yeah!

that's MAJINBU ... I believe (lol ... my memories fail me) but I do believe he ate all of them and they exploded from his inside or something like that.

DragonBall turned into pure gore towards the end. And has no redeeming sedemental value that SAZAE-SAN or CHIBI Markiko has. Which is another reason why many americans don't like it.

At another forum, DragonBall was pittied against Batman. Batman has some kind of moral to it apparently while DragonBall is pure fightening just for the point of fighting ... hehe my kind of stuff.

Sayan ... (I'm gonna double check with the pro's that I teach) is the race that most of the DragonBall crew belongs to. Super-Sayajin is when they power up .... there's a 3rd level called Fusion where San-Gohan and Trunks combine into 1 super-Super-Sayajin.

I wish I had more time to watch the whole 3 series.

DragonBall is legendary in Japan and I'd say a very large part of the population has watched at least 30+ of it's shows.

Japan and America at one time was at the same level of mangaing way back in the 50's until the Americans decided to censor what was being produced. I used to read all kinds of gorey Horror comics ... After the censorship Japanese mangaka kept at their art and brought it to todays level.

LOL ... Disney is in a different league. Slowly Miyazaki Haiyao is catching up though!!!
DBZ is absolutely the best!, my favorite, can't live w/out it!...well I could...but wouldn't want to!

Unfortunatly, my family, and most of my friends really just don't agree :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

but oh well, they'll get over it!;)

by the way, I'm saiyanchick86's 15 year old friend, nice to meet you all!👏


:) Hello again!

First, to my understanding, a Saiyan is a member of a warrior race from the planet Vegeta(confusingly nameg afeter the king at the tim, who son was named after him and,thus, the saiyan prince.)The whole planet was finnaly blown up and at the time, left only four Saiyans:Goku, Raditz, Nappa, and the one and only, Vegeta.

Second, I get Cartoon Network and as far as I know, they stopped the series right when Vegeta blew himself up.😭 Then they started the whole thing over, which was good for me cause I never got to see Raditz.

I can't see uncensored Dragonball either, bu if I'm luck, I can get several manga issues at the bookstores as graphic novels.

Here's a little tidbit of info: 3 Most Popular Animes in the US: Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and...DragonBall Z:clap:
Originally posted by thomas
Btw Peter, since your in NL you should be able to receive RTL: they screen it everyday. Would be interesting to know if it's censored too.

Yeah, everywhere in Holland you can see RTL... except where i live... :mad:
I used be able to receive it, but I didn't watch it that much. I can't stand those dubbings. For some reason Germans can't read subtitles... :confused:

hmmm so a saiyan is part monkey ;)

Lol ... I never got that far back in DragonBall history.

@sailor moon
Of course, it't made for girls :D

they got booted by Yugio

@old anime
heheh you haven't lived until you've seen Starblazers (Uchu senkan yamamoto) and G-Force (Gacha-man) :D You can scare most of the Japanese around you when you pull out those names.

Finally understood that "Saiya" thingie, Nahoko explained to me. Sorry for being such an ignorant "ji-ji" (really like that term, hehe).

I didn't know that this series runs for so long already. It's "too never-ending and eventually confusing", Nahoko told me.
stuff to add

My geograpy teather is going to japan this summer, so I've been able to learn a bit more while my classmates learn a lot. Today, she was trying to explain the difference between anime and manga. It was pretty funny. :D

She also told us about an anime that was on when she was in high school or college, I can't remember. Anyway, it was called Wizards?? or somthing like that. She said she went to the video rental place a while ago and she had to explain to the guy at the desk that just because it was a cartoon, that it shouldn't be watched by small children and, therefore, should not be over with the Disney films.HA!😄
anime is WASEIEIGO (waseiego = loan word from English written in Katakana).

animatition (english tem here) = anime (japanese term here) = anime (english term here which was exported back to the states) confusing eh!

so anime = cartoon

manga is just a comic book

yon (4) koma (frame) = comic strip

@movies being with disney
lol ... oh yes, some anime should be even put in the adult porn section.

great that your class and you are getting to learn more about Japan!

Hey People! im baaaack! Im so happy!! BTW, if anyone has any info or stuff like that about the new DBZ live action movie, PLEASE TELL ME!!!! Saiyanguy and animeloverintraining are really looking foward to it and we want to know more!!
bye for now!!
Saiyans UNITE!!!!!
oh...the Dbz movie.....I saw the preview poster...it looks weird.
But they want Jet Li to play vegeta I just don't know if he's willing to.
@ chichi,,, now I'm confused:confused: Do you mean, Jet Li to voice over the movie? or to actually play and perform the part of vegeta???? now I feel so behind the times,lol🙂
It's a Live-Action movie, Deb. That means they will use real actors instead of drawn characters.

I hope it won't be as bad as the Live-Action version of Street Fighter from a few years ago.
@ twisted (hope you had a good time on hoilday🙂 )

wow! now that movie would be worth the watching, I havent seen anything advertising it here, but I'l be the first to talk about it lol, Thanks again twisted for the info, has any other names been dropped for the other chararters? (spelt wrong).
😄 I m so excited about this!!!!!

Guess what...I heard that several years ago, a live action dbz movie was made in China or somthing like that....any who, i guess th company that made it didn't have the rights to any of the characters, so they all had the wrong names and the acting was horrible.....THAT BETTER NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!at least i hope it doesnt......

Hhhmmmmmmmmm....Jet Li as Vegeta.....How will they do the hair?.....You gotta love the hair.;)

Ciao for now
lol,, I didnt think about the hair, what a thought! hehe, "vegeta hair style sweeps the entire nation" well,,, they done Beckham lol:clap:
I love DbZ! But it got kind of boring when it reached Grand Tour..still..definitely one of the best to me! :D
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