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I have a question about school in Japan



I am about to graduate high school and i was woundering if any one knew of a school in Japan that I could get a degree in computer science (programming). I have been too busy to learn japnanese but I intend on starting soon. I was also curious if it would be better to get my degree in the U.S or Japan. well thank you, any info would be grand
why not do a year in japanese highschool after you graduate as an exchange student? the come back and get your degree here while taking japanese at the same time. i think learning japanese would be hard enough without having to deal with all the technical jargon which would be associtated with becoming a programer, and learning that at the same time. by the time you finish your degree you should be fairly proficient in japanese and can maybe find a job there...
hmm good point. or maybe I should just study japanese while I am in collage in the U.S.
Yes, I would say shoot for a program in the US and do an exchange to Japan at some point. However, I cannot recall ever knowing a computer science major on any of the exchange programs I have been on/am familiar with. That doesn't mean no one will take you or that there aren't any (computer science majors on exchange).

As for getting your degree in the US or Japan, unless you plan on lving in Japan and making a life for yourself, I think a degree from a US school would allow for more flexibility in the long run. You could work at a US company that has a Japanese office, or you could go to Japan with your computer science degree and look for a job safe in the knowledge that if it didn't work out, you could always try again in the US. - But I am not big on the computer career field options.

Good luck!
This may be a little off your topic but I don't want to create a new thread and bump one off.

When does high school start in Japan. I know its in April but do schools have all differing dates or they all starts the same date?
All the Japanese schools start in April. Though, I think there are a few (1 or 2) highschools that start in September... though they feed universities in the US and Canada rather than the Japanese ones so their timing is a little off from the standard in Japan.
If you're looking for a university scholarship in Japan, you should try the Monbukagakusho.
Japanese knowledge is not required, but it'd help if you knew a bit of it. There are scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students.
I'm majoring in Computer Science next year, and I've already decided to try it for the Masters and PhD scholarships. I've been studying Japanese for a year and a half, and I think I'll be able to pass if I study hard. Also, international students will have six months of intensive Japanese classes at the university before starting their research projects.
I have two friends who graduated last year in Electrical Engineering and are already there. When they left, they had a JLPT-3 Japanese level, and they seemed to be doing fine.

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thats wounderful. domo arigato (i hope i spelled that correctly)
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