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I. Hate. This. Forum.


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14 Jan 2004
Correct, this forum rocks!

Ahh! Sorry guys. Didn't mean it :)
I'm back, hi .
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No, seriously kid. Have you been to any of the other threads? The picture thread? Find me another Japanese forum with a community like this. You asked for help on Japanese on the Japanese Language Forum, you got a ton of it. Is that not being friendly? Is there not information about Japan in the Japan FAQ forum and General?
I stand corrected. And I can't exacly take much part in this forum, because I know no japanese at all, where even the 'beginners' know more then me, and after such a stupid outburst, I might as well leave, and go back to one of the other forums.
Well, that might be a good idea if you're going to continue making posts like this one. Consider your *uneasy* thread deleted...
Last time I checked no one was twisting your arm to post here... If you don't like it you always have the following options:

A) Leave.

B) If you have issues with the forum then feel free to voice your concerns in a constructive manner. Starting a thread with the title "I. Hate. This. Forum." won't earn you much respect imho from many of the senior members. Complaining about a lack of friendliness and then posting such a thread is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black...

C) Start threads re: subjects you feel are worth discussing if you find the current batch unpalatable.

Bottom line is that the forums exists for the sake of the community and ALL its members. We are not here to appease your bruised ego or make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Personally, I think this site allows for some very friendly and interesting people to share their own unique insights with the rest of us. I think your statement "Threre is no 'friendlyness'" is unfounded and couldn't be farther from the truth. Then again that's just my take on it and I have been here for a little longer than you. But whatever...
I stand corrected. And I can't exacly take much part in this forum, because I know no japanese at all, where even the 'beginners' know more then me, and after such a stupid outburst, I might as well leave, and go back to one of the other forums.
I believe these forums are for everyone, whether they know Japanese or not. Don't worry about being a beginner, we all started somewhere, and there will always be somebody better than you. So why worry? :)
Everyone has already commented, but seriously, this is not a chance for apathy that Winter can dismiss.

Ichiro. Leave. Nobody cares about you. Nobody will either. You arent important, so save yourself the wasted time, and save us from wasting our time, and leave. Dont bother giving this board a chance, because while some may welcome you, most of us already dont.

I'm pretty sure I'm too late for you to have read my reply, because judging by your last post in this thread, you have already blessed this board with your departure. Oh happy day.
Alright Winter. Whatever. Everybody, I know I messed up big time, and Winter is right, even if I keep posting, lots of people will hate me. So I'm just on again to say Sorry, this forum is pretty sweet,and sorry i was such an a$$, I don't blame you guys if you don't forgive me.

Stop being so melodramatic already... You came, you left, you came back. Happens all the time. Welcome back.
*laughs* Glad to know this isn't so different from any of the other forums I've been too. *laughs*
Winter a regular member perchance? Or an 'Elder'?
lol Please dont take my b*tching seriously. I dont really care if you stay or go, I just saw your post as a great opportunity to flex my inconsiderate b*tch muscles.

Truth be told, you arent really that important enough to me for me to hate you. And I'm hardly an elder, or anything here. I've only been here for what, 2 months or so?

I did want to say I like your avatar. Tails is such a cutie.

Oh boy. I think I'll leave this one to Winter...

Just out of curiosity, though, what is your definition of "elder" in this case? An older member or a member with more seniority?

**edit** dang, I wasn't fast enough... :p
*laughs* I'll give u an example. http://www.thependragonadventure.com/forum
Alright, thats the other main forum I go on. I'm an 'elder' there. The forum only started last march, and I showed up in July. But there are a couple more elderish then me, but I showed up when a lot of members joined, summer vacation. An Elder is someone thats been around on a forum for a while, so thats what I meant.
Would you look at this? See Ichiro? Its not so bad here. We are all laughing like some bunch of inane *not insane, inane* hyena-like, retarded, worthless family.

Isnt it nauseatingly disgusting, in a heartwarming kind of way?

Actually, its really not. I'm just trying to make you feel more 'at home', Ichiro. If thats even possible for a forum.

And does it really matter who's an "elder" and who isn't? Respect everyone and ye shall be respected... 😄 Yes, even if this is only a internet forum...heh
I suppose it just takes a time to get into it.. Out of curisosity, how young are members?
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