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I had sushi

3 Apr 2003
I had it for the first time today. I am sad to say that I do not like it. one piece I had was nice, but as soon as I swallowed it, I almost vomited 5 times!! But the seaweed ones were lovely. I'm not sure whether to have it again because this just might have been bad sushi.

Do you guys like sushi?

A friend of mine said I should have sashimi, but I cannot remember what it is, only that it is different from sushi!
Sorry to hear that. I personally LOVE sushi. Perhaps the fish was old, or you used too much wasabi.

/me is getting hungry... :)
Sushi is an acquired taste and generally speaking most "first-timers" find it unappealing to their palates as they are unaccustomed to such flavors. I had a similar reaction the first time I tried it much like yourself but lo and behold, I eventually developed an appetite for it and now find it quite delicious (not all types, but most).
Sushi is one of my favorite foods. I especially like dipping it in lots and LOTs of wasabi... they clear my throat and leaves a refreshing feeling...
As for sashimi, it's more like the plain "raw" fish by itself. Sushi usually has rice and/or seaweed along with it.
one piece i had was nice but as soon as i swallowed it i almost vomitted 5 times!!

Was it the taste or was it psychological? If the latter, stick to veggie or cooked sushi for a while.
My first mistake with sushi was dipping a piece of it in wasabi and thinking that wasabi was a hot sauce. It isn't.

Well... it is an adquired taste...

mdchachi it was the taste of it. That was the second piece of sushi I had.

I still feel sick now really ~_~ The thing is though that I do not really eat fish anywway I think i will stuck to veggie sushi!

I eat sushi in some form everyday. I LOVE it. Actually my favorite is inari-zushi which is simply sushi rice (which is flavoured with sugar, salt and vineager) wrapped in aburage which is made from tofu and soaked in sweet soy sauce. Very yummy and no fish involved.

I also love sashimi of any fish. But if you are new to it all, stick to the rolls covered in seaweed and work your way up to it.

Sushi has to be fresh and well prepared. Having lived in Japan, I find that the sushi in other countries just doesn't cut the mustard..
The first date my husband and I ever had was at a Japanese restaurant and he spent 200 or more dollars getting all kinds of things just for me to try. Mind you, I had no real interest in Japan prior to meeting my husband, so that was why I was 20 years old before I ever ate things such as uni(YUCK). I must say that I didn't really like the raw items and still don't. Of course, I know that around where we live, we can't get fish as fresh as in Japan and if I could try it in Japan, it might make a better impression.

Like Enfour, I love inari zushi and make it a lot. Also, chirashi zushi is good too. Futomaki!!!! (YUM) Tako is good and cooked and unagi--I love unagi. I think that is a good one to try for a beginner. It's cooked, it's sweet, and it's nice and tender.

A lot of what bothered me with the raw fish was the texture. When I first saw uni, I just knew I could not even think about putting that in my mouth, but my husband kept insisting it was "so delicious" that I finally tried it, and I hated it. The looks, the texture, the taste--all was bad as far as I was concerned.

I think a lot of it is mind over matter. You have to go in with an open mind and try not to think about raw fish or seaweed or whatever. It makes things better. You might like some and you might hate some.
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I enjoy sushi sometimes but the taste of seaweed is repulsive to me. I tend to enjoy sushi with minimal seaweed on it. I don't know names for the kinds but I like the longer kind with a piece of ebi on it. Tasty. :)
If you haven't had sushi in Japan then you haven't experienced sushi. There's no comparison.

Dark for tiears,

although I am vegetarian, I used to eat raw fish.

Italians eat raw fish.

If sushi made you sick, I would suggest staying away from sushi.

Raw meat of any kind is not safe to eat sometime.

I know the Japanese are very cautious on select fish and prepare them for sushi. But, if you don`t tolerate certain fish, you can be allergic to IODINE and, if you have lots of energy, which the thyroid gland is full of iodine, that can upset this gland for too much iodine on feeding seaweeds and raw fish and crustacean. And you can get very sick.

You are still young. You have a long time ahead of you. Give time, and someday, your body will tell you if needs.



I am proud to say I'm a country guy and I like sushi! It is one of the greatest foods in the world. The seaweed is odd at frist, but soon you start to like it. Just beware of the wasabi!

For your frist time eating sushi don't go to a place like Edo in the mall. Go to a true Japanese place and order it. Trust me on this one!
I loved sushi from the start, I guess I was lucky :) However, everyone else in my family had a reaction similar to dark for tears' one :( My favorite is the one with cucumber (and now, I'm hungry and there's no Japanese restaurant for miles here)
sorry to say I have never have had sushiツ。ツュツ。ツュwish when I taste it ,I won't swallow ツ。ツュツ。ツュ
hmmm, there are some sushi restaurants here in the city, but I didn't try it yet. I mean, they're there, and people go there and stuff, so I guess they have fresh even we are in some distance to the sea and stuff...

well, sooner or later, I want to try it, but with some things, I want to have/try them only when they're really, REALLY high quality... so I guess just wait some more :)
I've tried sushi a few times, and it always suprises how much I don't like it.. I guess I kind of assume that because I like Japanese films and books and things, I'm obviously going to love Japanese food..

I really want to like sushi, but I don't think I'll ever quiet the little voice telling me it would taste so much better battered and served with chips..
the first time I had sushi, I was like 6,7 years old,
and since then,I love Japanese food.

I am Chinese,since when I was a little child I started to love eating fish,I am like a cat,
so I love fish sushi and sashimi
I grew up on sushi. The first thing I ever ate was Japanese Rice, fish is my favorate meat, and given the choice, I could live off of sushi for the rest of my life. I live in a Universary in a small town, which doesnt have good sushi places. So I don't eat much fish when I am at school. But when I get back to vancouver, I eat sushi every third night, and try to eat fish for every meal.

I can relate though about not liking sushi and nearly throwing up... I cant stand Tako (octapus) in any form. I have continually tried to force it down and like it, but something about its texture and flavor just makes me sick. Whats even more odd is that iika (squid) is one of my favorite dishes ever.

Oh and I use wasabi like its Ketchup (well not really). I like to make my Soyu a lot thicker by mixing in a lot of wasabi. I guess I got used to it, so I can stand a lot more than the normal person.
I have had those lil seaweed rolls before and so far those are the only sushi I actually enjoy. I've tried like err, i don know what it's called..well it's a block of rice covered by a slab of raw fish, know what i'm talking about? Well, to me the fish felt like I was eating really hard jello! o_O
Originally posted by Carolgirl00
a block of rice covered by a slab of raw fish, know what i'm talking about? Well, to me the fish felt like I was eating really hard jello! o_O

umm.... nigiri sushi? YUMYUMYUM!!! I went to a sushi restaurant on Monday night...... I had a sushi platter with mostly nigiri sushi and a few small tiny rolled sushi.
The first time I had sushi it was Temaki-zushi "roll your own". Admittedly it took me a while to fully appreciate nori :p but now I LOVE it.
I personally would kill for some sushi right now. I wouldn't use wasabi on it (the green stuff that tastes like burning), its horseradish. The pink stuff, the ginger, thats good, that also tastes like burning if you put to much, experiment. I would recommend a california roll for a first timer, then some tuna roll with a little bit of ginger (experiement, start out small and work ur way up until it tastes just right). Gotta try some yellowtail, spanish macrel (or however you spell it). But the best recommendation for you that I have is don't use the wasabi. Not yet anyway, I never use it, but some people do. Just keep away from the green and the next time u try sushi look at whats in it before you try it, cucumber is good for a first timer. just experiment, and make sure its a good sushi restaurante. Then you'll be come addicted like many of us gaijin and nihonjin of course.

Sushi is my favorite food of all time. I love it a lot.😍

My favorite types of sushi are the one with avocados and raw salmon with extra seaweed. My mommy found out I loved it so much that she went to a sushi class and now makes me sushi every week!!!! I'm so lucky. :)

I would like to try the blowfish kind one day......Has anybody ever tried it before???
I've had fugu sashimi. I don't think I've had fugu sushi. It tastes like... ta da... fish. It wasn't anything special as far as I was concerned.
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