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I guess i'm the new guy around huh ? :)


9 Jan 2004
Hi, i'll just introduce myself. My real name is Bart, but i use the alias kisaragi. Might sound familiar ? I really love the final fantasy series, so i thought that name would be appropriate. I'm 21 years old and live in Ghent, a city in Belgium, Europe. So my main languages are dutch and french.
I work in Brussels as a desktop publisher. (for people who dont know this, it is a part of the prepress. I mainly do design, layout, photo corrections etc ...)
I have my own portfolio at http://art.torn.be

I once took japanese evening classes serveral years ago. But i had too much schoolwork so i quit. But now i'm gonna retake it. And i've started with japanese again since several months now. I have some basic knowledge, so i still have a lot of work. But i love learning this language. So the rest will follow i hope.

That's about it i think ...

Glad to be on the forum !
Konnichiwa Kisaragi-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. Please enjoy learning Japanese and this forum! 🙂

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