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I got it!

Special K said:
thankyou very much Nangi for translating the message for me, it was very kind of him! 👍
Do you (=Special K) realize that he (=Special K) switched the pronoun from you (=Nangi) to him (=Nangi) within a sentence? I think there was a movie called Alien Nation. What? I don't get it. Who? You, me, or him?
Konnichiwa Lexico-san!

He had trouble with Christmas card that is written in Japanese. And he called for help. It is [post=9871]this thread[/post]

And I translated his Christmas card for him by e-mail. He wantd to say thanks to me, but he posted in this thread by mistake. 😌

Look at the date stamp, this thread is made in one year ago. My memory is not clear but I think so. :p

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