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I got a fujitsu mobile phone,i don't know who is it belong to.


2 Oct 2003
i look for this site by search engineer,and now i don't know if it's a japan local forum or a european forum has its content about japanese.if somebody here is japanese,then i have something to tell.
that is,i got a fujistu mobile phone occationaly,i know that it can't be use in our china .for the different network type between two country.the mobile's type is DOCOMO F503iS.
seems it is belong to a young woman of japan,i found her picture in the inner side of the phone machine.
yeah, i look for the girl who lose her mobile in china,if she come china again,i will give the phone back to her.
ps.i used to change the operation system to chinese or english,and the result is phone was lock,because i can't read the japanese characters.anybody know how to unlock it?
Does Fujitsu have moblie phone retail stores in China? You could just take it to them and they should have an address of somewhere in Japan they can ship it too (or at least a way to track down the owner). They will probably take it off your hands. I think this is the best thing you can do. Good luck.
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