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Question I gave her (all, what, everything) I had.

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8 Apr 2004
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Dear native English speakers,
which one would be used?
(a) I gave her all I had.
(b) I gave her what I had.
(c) I gave her everything I had.

Any of those could be used.

However, (b) does not necessarily mean you gave her everything, just what you had at that moment. It could mean "everything", if it is understood by previous context that "what I had" = "everything I had".
I disagree; all are the same fundamental meaning. You give what you have: you're left with nothing.

It's just the emphasis that's changing: emphasis on the fact you were left with nothing, and she got everything.

In order of that emphasis:
(b) normal
(a) strong
(c) strongest
Thank you all for your help. Half-n-half san, I haven't seen you for ages in this forum. Ohisashiburidesu. Do you live in Sendai, Japan?
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