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I finally got organized and I need someone to transalate this for me.

9 Sep 2003
I been writing so many songs I've inspired to write so much but now I'm revising the best I can.So it can make sense.
Ok here is the first one is new to😄
Look up at the stars from the earth
We see them as small lights
but while there bigger than us a thousand fold

I would like to say
something to you

Let's fly to the moon
Let's live together again
I want to see you again
I wish I could see you smile
There would be nothing I want more than
your happness

I ran across the globe
Searching for someone to love
Yes I know it seems foolish
I could't find that specail person in my life

Then I see someone waiting for me at the horzon
the one I was looking for is there in front of me always
then my love was gone it was stolen from
I wish I could see you again
One day we'll meet again

I wish we could meet one day
I wish I could see you smile
I would travel all the world
to see you
I wish I could see you smile
The trials we've been thourght
were worth it

The trials we've been thourght
were worth it
And if want to think of title for it that'll be good to😄
English to Romanji
Computer Program ??

There must be some kind of program like Bable Fist that you can type your english in and have it come out Japanese ? It probably woulnd not be as good as a human translatting though.
You sure are proliffic in you ability to write songs ! When you become rich and famous we on the forumn can say we knew you when !

😄 Thank you I will remeber you all😄
But I've been searching for some free programs but they lead more search enegines and other things.
I really wouldn't use any of them programs. They make an awful job of translating full sentances and even single words sometimes. I'll ask my wife when she returns from work this evening. She's better at translating emotions within sentances. However , even if you do get it translated to japanse , it may or may not be "singable" in japanese.
that's VERY true.
edit: okay, i am gonna be staright :) up dude
even if i had the skills to do it (yeah, right!), i'm too lazy to even read all of the manga i get over there
so i ain't gone do nothing that takes over ten minutes to do for somebody online (that i may never see)
get some jpn/? otherwise penpals that know english/japanese and barter/trade with them to make it worth their while
that is JUST my suggestion (and opinion).
wishing the best of luck and can tell that the above is the work of a talented person -- not trying to hold back anyone's creativity (remember tupac's character in poetic justice).
again, good luck!
Pleasee 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I need to translate this ok if any know a program please tell me.🙂 :b o w: 🙂 or someone transalte thisfor me please!!!!I'm become despresset.
My speling again!
Good luck! do one sentence at a time for best results
edit: :)
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That is a very long passage to ask to have translated.. are you offering to pay somebody for it as there are professionals out there that will charge between 15 - 50 yen per word depending on how fast you need it and how good they think their services are worth.

Please don't use a machine translation service as they are just plain wrong in the grammar. this is poetry.. get it done right.

try www.worldlingo.com You can use the machine translation system and then it will give you a quote to have it professionally translated by a real live human being.
Any Free programs and I need this in romanji and those don't work.I don't have any money and these songs are sercert from my parents so I can't ask them help!
With any sort of task like this the quality of the output will be directly proportional to the amount of money it costs to produce. Unfortunately this is the way of the world.

So you can use the free programs like the World Lingo one I mentioned. www.worldlingo.com (or the babelfish that somebody else mentioned) and the Japanese that it gives you will be very strange to a Japanese speaker.

Why do you want this anyway? the English poem that you posted looks fantastic.. did you write it?

If you want to make a japanese song that makes sense then you need to have correct japanese in the first place. Imagine if somebody did this to English...

Do you know any Japanese people in your school that perhaps you can take them to lunch in exchange for helping them? If it is something this personal you should do it right.
I can't I need a free progrmam or someone to transalte them and stuff😭 My parents are afrid of credit cards on the internet:auch: SO can someplease please transalte this?😭 😇 This making me crazy.:mad: I was planning to try to sing this in japense:sing: :( I would love if someone to do this please.😍 I feel so sick now.:sick: :atchoo: I'm only asking for one please:rose: and that other thing cost money! and the evil webrowser is too slow and messes up some time.(I think they sercertly think its funny:giggle: ) ao is evil.:devilish: I'm just being silly but I just want this one please and its a song/poem.it was orginally a song when I wrote it. 🙂 :mad:
Have you considered mastering the English language first, before you worry about singing in Japanese?

Joking aside though - I'm curious - you posted a similar "song" on here a while ago (or at least I think it was you). Like that one, this sounded kinda personal as if you wanted to send it to someone.

Got a secret Japanese lover you're not telling us about *nudge nudge* *wink*


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