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Dream Time

20 Jul 2003
the list of music shows I missed in the 2003

B'z -
due to age restriction of the Commodore Ballroom...
my favourite Japanese rock band...one of my favourite guitarists Tak Matsumoto...
I bought the tickets,happily waiting for the day,but found there iss the age restriction thing,I refunded the tickets and became unhappy
hopefull they will come again,if they ever come to North America again,maybe I will drive to see them when I get a driving liscense

G3 -
Steve Vai,Joe Satriani,Yngwie Malmsteen
I missed this show so I bought the DVD immediately I saw it in store
although the DVD is 'live in Denver',not Vancouver

Vancouver International Jazz Festival

money was a problem too

the Jazz Festival will be held in June and July,I must go see them this year
I missed the Insane Clown Posse, the one time they actually bothered to come over here... ><
Funny you mentioned Satriani, I just put in a cd of him right now.

Great to see live, he is.

And you missed out on B'z. My fave non-visual Jrock band, without a doubt.
I love concerts. Last year I saw Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Massive Attack, Moby, Bjork, Marylin Manson, Audioslave, Rolling Stones and a few others that didn't gave a strong impression.
The big season for rock concerts and festival here in Portugal is usually during Summer time, but I still don't know who is comming over to my neck of the woods.

...To the exception of the Rock in Lisbon, with Paul McCartney, Ben Harper, Guns n'Roses, Metallica, Britney Spears (aarghh.. :() and a few more. 竄ャ53 Euros is a bit steep, but it's a one day pass and in the 4th June, with Metallica, Slipknot, Sepultura, Moonspell and Incubus it will be worth the price.
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Wow, Massive Attack, Bjork and Moby sound pretty good to me. Especially Bjork, since I'm a Bjork nut. I'm jealous, lineartube... :p

The last good concert I saw was REM and Luscious Jackson. It's been a long time, yeah...
The best concert I went last year was by Moby. Who would have guess that that little skinny balded Buddhist can make such an impression on stage? The guy is all energy.

Rolling Stones, Bjork and Massive Attack where also of the best I ever seen and experienced it.
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