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I don't think you were supposed to eat that...


27 Aug 2003

I just thought I'd do something out of character and introduce myself here. Usually, I'd just post some incoherent thread about the life cycle of tin foil... but I'm going to save that for some other time.

As for who I am, my name is Kris Hanson and I am an American living in the wonderfully beautiful (yet culturally bland) state of Montana. I am a writer who works at a bakery right now (which requires no writing, but some fancy coffee-making skills) and I am looking to teach in English in Japan. Why? I like to do things that aren't easy for me, and not having a four-year degree and trying to land a visa in Japan is one of the most difficult research projects I have undertaken... well, other than that time I tested the theory that women won't hit you if you continually ask them if they gained weight.

To repeat what others have no doubt posted many times before: I have always been interested in Japan. Ever since I was a little kid--I thought Japan seemed very interesting. It was not because the pop culture, per se, but because the written langauge was so neat looking... I was impressed at seven-years-old! Really! Honest! I'm not dealin' a line! The interest in the pop culture came much later when I saw Sailor Moon... and even later on realized that as a guy, I'm supposed to like cooler series that aren't meant for young girls.

Anyway, that's me. I decided to join this board because it seems like there is a lot of good advice floating around.

Okay, that's it!
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