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15 Mar 2003
Delicious 🍜

Actually, no, it was pretty boring. First a little background before I am painted as the forumite who eats whales and should suffer accordingly.

Today was "olden-time food day" as I have come to call it. In our elementary / middle school cafeteria once a month they serve food people ate during World War Two or before, and try and do foods that were on the average dinner table. I don't know what the kids are supposed to learn as it is not accompanied by an explination of why they had to eat this. I think all the kids learn is that food back then was pretty dull.

In this vein then, for the first time in over a year, they served up whale cooked and doused in a red sauce of no real description. Now, I have had the chance to eat whale meat, "good" stuff not what was in the lunchroom kitchens, and I have passed it up. This time however, I figured I would try it.

The whale was kind of chewy, had a very mild but slightly odd taste to it, and was not repulsive. Let me tell you I have had far worse in that cafeteria. It was kind of black looking in the way beef jerky is. I don't know if they was from the cooking or that is how it arrived. Of course there was a bit of fat. That said, lunch today was average on the calorie side of things. I must say, and this is probably why whale found its way into impoverished diets, it was very filling. I still feel full almost 4 hours later.

You all can reopen the whaling debate if you wish. I know that is a possible outcome of me posting this. All I really wanted to do was pass on a little moment of life in Japan where from time to time, whale meat does make an appearence.

Again, I am not trying to be insensitive, just reporting.
Must have been...

Appetizing indeed, at the cost of infuriation and condemnation by many environmentalist groups (and perhaps the Green Parties of the world).
Another good post from Mandylion the Advisor.
Let me repentingly queue up as well in this line of sinners. Last time Maciamo and I went to kaiten sushi I couldn't resist trying whale sushi. "Pretty boring" actually describes my sensual impressions best.
well i don't consider myself as a sinner, having eaten whale meat a few times already. i guess whale meat being good or awful, depends on the species, which part of the animal and the way it was prepared...and more certainly on your tastes and your way of thinking about it.

i had whale as "kujira-bacon" (quite good if sliced thinly and served fresh), "kujira steak" (i think it was baird's beaked whale meat. it was hard to chew and not much tasty), "kujira-ruibe" (frozen sashimi. it was very good to me), some whale speciality i bought in Taiji which i don't remember the name (very very good) and "kujira no yamato" (not bad).
but even if i tell you i found whale meat tasty, i think you have to try it by yourself to know how it is...unless you consider it is a sin to eat whales, but then nobody would force you into eating some.

Thomas, you say you found it "pretty boring", but the fact you consider eating whale meat as a sin (since you say you are sinner now), has certainly influenced your judgement about its taste, hasn't it ?
So what? We are now living in 2005 - things are different now. According to the Pew Foundation report of 2003 90% of the big fish are gone - whales, dolphins, sharks, walruses, seals. The rest of the ocean is seriously overfished - not by whales, by man. In just a matter of time there will be not one living thing left in the oceans.

The oceans are dying - there are over 160 dead zones where nothing lives - not even oxygen - and they are growing in size and number.

If you want to do something about this dire situation help the only group going out onto the ocean in ships and enforcing international marine law, stopping illegal fishing, picking up long lines that strangle everything (even albatross) -
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

They are always broke and use every penny for their numerous campaigns. right now on their way to try to stop baby harp sealing in Canada.

If everyone who cares about cetaceans tithed 10% of their income to this group, heck or even $10 a month it would make a huge difference!
Meh. I'd call you all sinners, but have you ever watched Hannibal?

It was brain with a bit of lemon and some sort of oil. Looked delicious, honestly.
Oh but Zkavar, have you tasted human brain? It is the most delicious of all. You really should try it ....

It just needs a little lemon juice and some shoyu served with some lettuce. Very pretty too. There are tribes in Papua New Guinea who have eaten this delicacy for centuries. What right do we have to take away their cultural heritage? The brains are obtained from foreigners, of course, or anyone outside their village. They then pray for the soul of the person who lost his head and thank him for his contribution to their village.

Now let's see who are the Christians in this group! Or the speciesists, same difference.
isanatori said:
Thomas, you say you found it "pretty boring", but the fact you consider eating whale meat as a sin (since you say you are sinner now), has certainly influenced your judgement about its taste, hasn't it ?
Sorry for the late reply. I used the term "sinner" in a non-religious sense. Actually, I would love to try whale steak a la Norvege.

Norwegian recipe for whale steak

Another recipe

Waiting for the eco-lynchers... ;-)


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