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I could do with some help


7 Apr 2003
hi everyone, sorry to be asking so soon after joining this group, but i'm looking for a translation of a name into kanji,
the name is AVRIL , please if anyone can help i'll be very gratefull.🙂
I think you mean translate into romaji, or katakana, as there most likely isn't kanji for a foreign name.

I think it would be: ABURIRU
The kanji you will come up with will probably not be legible or have much meaning to a native speaker, but if you just want something to look interesting, I'll try and come up with some options though it will take some time. The result won't be really Japanese, nor Chinese, nor anything really, but I hope you enjoy it!

Thing is, if the encoding of the characters on the site is off, you will get a buch of nonsense. Just be warned...
Very hard to come up with something flattering. As this is a phonetic transcription and proably not at all accurate, do not tattoo this on anything!

A (actually aa) ィC ー「 roughly meaning flatter or to fawn.
BURI ィC 。。yellowtail, a type of fish, quite tasty really.
RU ィC 贋。。frequently, so。ュ
ー「贋。。or frequently flattering yellowtail

just tell them it means "unyielding tempest god(dess)"

OR you can go with katakana, as most foreign words are written, which will be understandable and not as odd (see the last line of script in the image

attached file is an image file so it should be accurate
here you go


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many thanx to all that helped , especially mandylion, i already have other names in katakana so i will probably go with that , once again many thx🙂
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