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I come in peace. . .


Angry Postal Worker
28 Nov 2002
Hey there one and all.

So, how does an angry Luddite technophobe postal worker introduce himself on an interfeck bulletin board? . . .hey, wow, I just did. . .

But aside from being angry and a postman, I'm also surprisingly cynical about people's enthusiasm about Japan, and Japan in general. But I'll save that for a later thread. I like being controversial, too, you see.

I prefer the more "alternative" aspect of Japanese culture. By which, I mean I prefer, say, The Pillows to Maaya Sakamoto, and Berserk to Gundam. First things to pop into my head there. Lupin III over Dragonball Z. You get the picture. Trouble with this is that all the alternative stuff is tough to get hold of outside of Japan, and unless you can read Japanese (I can't . . . well, I recognise the character "no" as in Tonari no Totoro or Mononoke . . . big help) information is hard to find too. So, getting to the point, I'm hoping you lot can help me out a bit. It may be troublesome looking past the fact that I'm angry and a postal worker, but I have faith in you all. I may even be persuaded to distribute some bars of Cadbury's Dairy Milk - the best chocolate in the world!


Hairyneville (the angry postal worker formerly known as James)
Hi Hairyneville, welcome to the forum!

It your anger related to the fact you're a postal worker? Anyhow, just make yourself comfortable on board.
Well, it's just one of those things. I don't enjoy being a postman much, but the hours are good and the pay's alright, so it's not worth changing to another job that I will also hate, but have to spend more time doing. I've no idea what I want to do as a career, and none of the jobs I've applied for have spewed up any results (other than "We're still interviewing for this position", which doesn't sound all that promising to me. . .), so I'm stuck, and therefore angry. Plus I was bitten by a radioactive shrew as a young child.

. . .I made that last bit up.
Radioactive shrew, lolol.... Mouseman.

When I was a student I always used to work as postman during holidays and term brakes. I liked the job very much: plenty of social contact, plenty of tips (well, never enough of course) and plenty of fresh air.

"We're still interviewing for this position"

Nowadays you can consider yourself lucky if you receive any reply...
Hi hairyneville🙂 and welcome to the forum🙂
hey! it cant be all that bad surely??? have you any tales? "confessions of a postman???" lolol just kidding, if I got a smile for that one I'm happy!!😌
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