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I am lost


11 Mar 2011
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Here in the West dozens different allegedly Japanese martial arts are taught.

But Samurais only practiced Kendo and Kyudo. So the question is, are those martial arts Japanese or another Chinese subversion attempt ?



13 Sep 2011
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Looks like nobody's gonna answer...
OK, I'll tell you what I have learned so far
at the time of samurais, there were schools (dojos) all over the nation for teaching and practicing the arts of fighting. every dojo had a master and a way for sword-fighting -other fighting styles like spears and unarmed were practiced as well- , each one with a different name. I assume that their names were derived from the founder's name or was a cool name created by the founder (usually with the beginning "the way of").
so you can guess that many sword-fighting and other martial arts styles with different names emerged from that time.
as for your question, kendo was not practiced by samurais, it was kenjutsu (the method of the sword) alongside jujutsu (harshly, the way of fighting without a sword against an armored fighter) that was practiced and kenjutsu was a general name for all of the sword-fighting techniques. kendo is a modern style and I'm not sure that it even allows the use of real swords at all.
it is believed that martial arts and sword-fighting techniques of japan were derived from china but I'm not completely sure about that. even if they were, the Japanese have reformed them to a style of their own and nobody can question their originality now.
if you want to know if a style is Chinese or Japanese, you can learn that easily by knowing some small facts. nearly every Japanese martial art has a term of "do" or "dou", "jutsu", "ryu" or "ryo" in it. (they mean the way of, the method of,...)
so if you neglect the Korean martial arts of taekwondo and hapkido, you can have a pretty guess of what's Japanese and what's not. eg. aikido or ninjutsu is japanese while nan chuan is chinese.
There's another easy way, if they call their master "sensei" or practice by saying Japanese numbers, Ichi-ni-san-shi/yon-... it's obvious that they're Japanese.
Hope it helps a little...
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