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I am interested by club in area Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo


21 Oct 2003
Dear Sirs, I'm interested by club L FIRST Oji located to the address:Ark-hotel Bldg.B-1,B2F 1-18-5 Oji,Kita-ku,Tokyo.I saw a card of this club but the web-site of this club is not work or not correct.I called to club directly but person who was talking to me did not speak English. And I can not speak Japan. I hope it is not secret information or sort of national discrimination!CanI ask anybody call to this club and find out some information: what sort enjoyments in this house? Can I choose a girl?Prices and time?And what correct web-site and e-mail? In card are indicated phone-03-3914-3781 and http://www.foryou-pro.co.jp
I look forward to yours replys to e-mail:[email protected]
Best regards, Sam Kumar
So lemme get this straight... you're intrigued by what sounds like some sort of adult nightclub but because you don't speak Japanese you want someone to call the establishment for you and inquire about what sort of services they offer, how much it costs, etc. then send you all the relevant info to your e-mail addy? You're kidding right?
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the addres definitely pops up in google, i don't know what ole boy talking about
i didn't click the page for obvious reasons
but its there
dude needs to take out the commas
"what sort enjoyments in this house?"
:) bwah ha ha ha ha
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