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HYDE on PopJapanTV



So I'm watching PopJapanTV a couple minutes ago and I'm excited because their featured weekly artist is HYDE. At first I'm surprised how they're pronouncing it, because I usually pronounce it "hee-de" and everyone else is pronouncing it "hi-do." But that's not why I posted this...

They're asking a list of their usual questions for their featured artists and he's giving them one word answers and he's so devoid of personality throughout the whole interview. It was the same with Mika Nakashima when they interviewed her last time. Is this how he usually is or what? I'm a fan of L'Arc~en~Ciel (not a big fan of his solo album "666" though) and I never though he was like that.. am I wrong or what?
No sh*t? That show comes on Sunday here.

I'm actually gonna watch this week's episode. Love to see how 2 dimensional he'll carry himself.
Hmm, I've read some "radio interviews" (which are translated into english in some websites), and quite true, hyde (pronounced as haido) didnt really talk much...
Hyde at times can say alot, be very joyful and playful. If you wanna see Hyde at his best, check out Matthew's Best Hit TV 2004.03.25 where the guests were Hyde and Ken. In this ep, you'll see a side of Hyde you don't see very often. Though these days, he's not as vibrant and energetic as he used to be (cough) grand cross conclusion (cough)
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