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21 Nov 2003
Im new here! And actually im at school now :D
Here in norway its like NO anime..... So i have to search on the net!:eek:
He he got to go. its break time!
Well hello!
no anime!!!

*Marks norway off the list to visit*

well you should find some here that we talk about and hope you enjoy yourself!
Hi AnimeLuver and welcome to the forum ! 🙂

By the way, which part of Norway are you from ? I've only been to Oslo...
Hey Animeluver! 🙂

welcome to the forums... i'm a new person here to, but i recon you'll love it here! 😄

yoroshiku to hajimemashite
fuo-ramu wo tanoshiminasai.

Agradable y agradable satisfacerle.
Goce del foro

Bienvenu et gentil de vous rencontrer.
Apprテゥciez le forum

Willkommen und nett, Sie zu treffen.
Genieテ歹n Sie das Forum

Benvenuto e piacevole per venirli a contatto.
Goda la tribuna.

Bem-vindo e agradテ。vel para encontrar-se com o.
Aprecテュe o forum

Welcome and nice to meet you.
Enjoy the forum.
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