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Hundreds riot in China, attack police, smash cars


21 Apr 2004
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Hundreds riot in China, attack police, smash cars

Thursday, July 13, 2006; 1:37 AM

BEIJING (Reuters) - Hundreds of Chinese attacked police and smashed up squad cars after a migrant was apparently beaten up for refusing to pay for a resident's permit, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

The riot in Guiyang, capital of the southwestern province of Guizhou, was the latest eruption of unrest the Communist Party fears could spin out of control and threaten its monopoly on power.

At least one police officer and a taxi driver were wounded and more than 10 police cars were overturned, the Guizhou Metropolitan News said.

The violence started on Monday night when a migrant worker, surnamed Guo, refused to pay the fee for a temporary resident's permit and was beaten up, the newspaper said.

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