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Humorous stories and anecdotes about gaijin kids in Japan

8 Dec 2002
I am writing a sequel to my book, The Traveling Sketchbook: An American Kid Discovers Japan and is looking for humorous and true stories about gaijin kids learning to live in a Japanese neighborhood. If you have one, please reply. If used, you will be acknowledged appropriately in the book.
Great concept and I wish you the best of success with your series of books! Hopefully some of our members who have had the opportunity to grow up in Japan as foreigners will be able to respond with some of their true-to-life stories. Keep up the great work Fran! :cool:


(Tokyo 03/04)
Did you even click on the link she provided? If you had, you would have noticed her books are geared as a learning resource for children ages 9-12. Try and think about that before you post a link to your record of self-indulgent post-pubescent antics. Someone posts an intelligent thread looking for legitimate and constructive feedback and this is the kind of stunt you pull hijacking her thread? Apparently once again no one else seems to care but as usual I voice my dissent. Frankly, I thought even you would have known better but then to do such a thing but then again I shouldn't be surprised...
Originally posted by Iron Chef
If you had, you would have noticed her books are geared as a learning resource for children ages 9-12, blah blah blah, your self-indulgent post-pubescent antics.

Wait, isn't 9-12 post-pubescent? I mean, nobody wants to hear about some little kid going to the monkey zoo, they wanna hear about me going around and droppin' youth in asia into everyones veins.

Ben Folds Five rules!

Originally posted by ghettocities
I have quality stories!!! konnichiwo, i can speak nihonjin.


Holy buhjeezus! no you cant.

Its more like I can speak nihongo. not nihonjin, nice try.
Although this is ALL technical wrong but whatever.
I don't think he's stupid either.... 'sad' would be more accurate. You've got to be pretty insecure if you need to post pictures of yourself on the internet with any girl you can find and constantly go on and on about how many women you've slept with, just to boost your childish little ego. I find it quite funny though how he clearly believes everyone is impressed.

Maybe in a few years time when he's grown up a bit, he might look back and realise just how pathetic he looks to other people.

Re: kids in Japan

Originally posted by travelingsketchbook
He might have the beginnings of a writer. He certainly likes to write from what I see of his web site.

Oh yeaaaa' Ohyeaaaa, I always knew one of these days I was going to be an author, IN YO' FACE all you hata'''z sayin' i donts' gots' anyz' skillzazzles, my ghetto-vocabulary will be hittin' the printin' -- press like congress and i'll be celebratin' a demo/grat party like a re-pube-lican while I lobby my womanizing skills during euthanasia thrills..

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