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Human shields


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14 Mar 2002
Sounds as if they will be arriving too late anyhow.

8 more Japanese head for Iraq as human shields

Eight Japanese departed Thursday morning for Iraq to become additional "human shields" against the United States military strike on the Middle Eastern country. The eight, who said they are acting individually but agreed to travel together, took off from Narita airport, east of Tokyo, for Damascus via the Netherlands. They will take a land route from the Syrian capital to Baghdad, they said. But they said that after arriving in Damascus, they will contact civic groups working in the region to determine whether to enter Iraq, where the U.S. launched a missile and stealth bomber attack early Thursday local time. The group includes Yasuyuki Aizawa, 31, of Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, who works at a jewelry manufacturer, and Yuichi Sugimoto, a 46-year-old inn operator from Niigata. "Maybe the borders will be closed and we might not be able to enter," Aizawa said before boarding the plane. "We are not going there to die. We will stick to our antiwar message."

=> http://asia.news.yahoo.com/030320/kyodo/d7pskbto0.html
I really fail to see how being a shield will have any effect on the war there. Aside from a suicidal political statement, it does nothing to the countries engaged in war to stop their fight, nor does it offer a solution to get the two sides to negotiate....
but I guess it does allow the economy to get better, in a morbid sense, since it means more ticket sales for ailing airlines, increase in life insurance policies taken out, and once they are paid out in case of death, more money for those survivors to use to boost sales....
There has to be better solutions to making a protest against a war than being a human shield....even relief work for war casualties would make better sense....just seems like they are going there for selfish, personal ideological beliefs but offer nothing to support the people that actually live in iraq....
Re: Human_Shields

Originally posted by arnadstephen
This war will go all the way.

I agree, a long and winding path. Hope these human shields took off until summer.
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