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Hullo ! I'm new here. Hajimemashite ^.~

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19 Mar 2002
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👏 I'm new here, i'm a big fan of J-pop as well.
Let's b good pals & let's post heaps!!
Hi, and welcome aboard!

We're all looking forward to your heaps of posts.
Hi there,
I see you are from Thailand. I visit Thailand regularly. Where do you buy your JPop in Thailand?

I advise checking peoples join dates and when they last logged in before saying hi to old posts. If you checked this member joined on May 31st 2002 and last logged in on May 17th 2003.
Welcome. I like some Jpop but mostly Jrock.
Who are your favorite groups or singers?
My god! It's true!

Our little nice friend from Turkey didn't notice, and everybody were swayed by her. It's a curious thing, isn't it?
that right I'm so sorry I didn't look out about that
but our Turkey friend ,he replayed
so sorry again
thanks Mycernius
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