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5 Nov 2002
Hi yo~
I am just thrilled to find this forum, fancy Website and fancy people!😄
Ok, here some of my bio---
student in Advertising, currently live in Texas, from Taiwan, a pop culture fan, or, anything fancy...
I wrote a paper on Japanese cutie culture and shojo culture last semester. I was very impressed by what I found. So I might post a lot of questions in the near future...
Nice to meet you all~

Hi Soleil,

Welcome aboard.
We're lookig forward to answering any questions you might have.
Welcome to the forum, Soleil! 🙂

Just post away. Do you have your paper on cutie culture online?
Hi Soleil and welcome to the forum🙂 👏

@ samuritora; welcome back🙂 nice to see you here again! and your absence has be noticed by all🙂
sincere admidation, Debs. ( can any one tell me the Japanese word for" sincere admiration ect,) If I knew the word, I would write it!!!🙂
Welcome and yoroshiku!

@ admiration
hmm, don't hear that word often.
[kanshin suru]
I hear, "I'm your fan" more often

I'll check into it if I don't forget.
i need some help please!

;) hi, i am a second year college student at UC Davis. i read your post about wiriting a paper on Shojo cutlure in Japan. I am taking a Japanese Culture class and my paper is also going to be about Shojo culture. especially about these web-sotes that high school and middle school girls use through their phones to meet older men or men in general. We had a guest lecturer from Japan talk about this subject and i wanted to know if anyone else knows anything more. All i need help with on my paper are some referances, i have no idea where to begin. please email me or post or AIM me. help will be much appreciated!

thank you all.
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