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18 Oct 2003
Hello all!

Haven't got long to write (at work!) but I'm majorly into japanese music and film.

Started off with an amazing band (on the music front) and an amazing film (on the cinema one).

The Mad Capsule Markets and Battle Royale.

Hooked on the music after heard TMCM, and on films after BR. I have tickets for the premier of BRII in Leicester Square (i live near london) on 1Nov, which i believe is the world subtitled premier, correct me if I'm wrong!

I love all Miike Takashi's films, and my other favourite bands now include Dragon Ash, Melt Banana and Do As Infinity. Adn someone recently intro'd me to Gackt.

So that's me!

Later all . . .

Hey d,

lol my point exactly kaminoko we need more Brits on this forum =DD lets catch the Americans up !!

Welcome D to the forums !
hey d!


dozo yoroshiku

im totally with you on both the battle royale and mad capsule markets fronts...plus, you are one of the luckiest people in the history of the universe having tickets for the london film festival showing of br2! grrrr:(
not long to go eh? enjoy it!

and enjoy the forum

- jon 🙂
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