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how young people see the Japanese economy ....


15 Apr 2002
how young people see the Japanese economy, and what they hope for the future another idea per Diana.

hmmm, tough topic here. I doubt that most high school kids or even University students even care if the stock market is up or down.

The economy to them is much based on how much cash they have for drinking and singing karaoke.

So, we move up to the 20's .... much the same. Once they start working they worrry about their bonuses, if they're going to get them or not.

So, up to people with children ... not much here either. This time though worries include paying back loans and deciding if you're gonna buy a house or not.

So, sorry. the economy does not rank any where near to what Kimura Takuya or Mo-mususme is doing.
I figured that would be the case. As goes with probably with any younger generation in a first world nation, they tend to not want to concern themselves with financial struggles until they are actually faced with them.

Heh, I find that alright as long as it doesn't get to the case where it involves even older people. Such as the case in the United States, where even older people in some cases can pacify themselves under a welfare system. I'm only speaking about those that abuse it.
I agree with both of you. People aren't interested in economic (or political) issues as long as their daily lives aren't concerned. We noticed that here in Austria: when the new conservative government vehemently started to dismantle the welfare system people were suddenly on the streets organizing political resistance. Since then political awareness has risen. It's a natural mechanism of self-defense.
Here in the states it is a similar setup...except when people with kids have good jobs...they are normally vested in some way in their employer or other companies...retirement is a big deal over here and most people start thinking about it when they are in their late 20's to early 30's.

everyone jokes about retiring though...even high school kids...
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