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How to squat like an Asian (^_~) <(Quicktime Movie)

:D That's great, Gaki...

I can finally sit like that, but only after several failed attempts!
I felt kinda bad when i first watched it and realised i been squatting the wrong way all this time :D 21 years of squatting uncomfortably :D :D :D
Wo! When I'm at the bus stop there's always this small asian man who squats, I look at him for 20mins he is my entertainment, he sleeps but always wakes up right on time for the bus.
Ahh I tryed it when waiting for the bus and after a while my legs got numb like they were missing blood. I did get some stairs from people in there cars though.
I think if you wear tight pants or some kind of thick pants, it might not be comfortable. Or maybe if you have big thighs or something. :p
TyPe-ZeRo said:
wouldn't both those squats, after a period of time induce the need to release a bowel movement? haha
And if you have the urge to release gas, it might be difficult to keep it in. :D
Was i the only person trying to do the squat?
I cant get it right my heels dont tpuch the ground. Anyways who needs the squat right?
WOW, this movie is awesome!!!! funny how they compair the Asian squat with the Western squat... especialy the pushing hahaha !!!
What??? Western people can't squat like we do ??? I didn't know that.

Well, I used to squat on the streets like that for hours with my buddies when I was a bad girl and was mean mugging everyone (LOL!) who happened to pass in front of us. That kind of way of squatting is called "unko zuwari" or "yankii zuwari". Why? Well, that's how we squat over our Japanese style toilet, and a teenage "gangsta" here is sometimes called "yankii", I don't know why though.

If you are planning to visit Japan and ride the Shinkansen, you should practice it, cus I think the toilets there is all Japanese style, unless you want to fall on your own poop.

In case you have no clue how it looks like and how to use it, check this thread. It's in the 1st post by Brooker san.
I've tried it, and it didn't go so well. Hey, are the people who do that called 地ベテリアン?
Well, jibetarian (ニ淡ニ遅ニ耽ニ椎?ニ但ニ停?慊)is a slang word which means "people who sits on the grounds where they are not really supposed to .

You see, recently, mostly young people sit on the floor in a crowded train, on the stairs or on the floor in a train station, everywhere! And middle-aged and older people feel really annoyed and angry about it.

But Glenn san, they usually don't squat and put their butts directly on the floor and chill like this.

By the way, jibetarian is a coined word of jibeta and rian. Jibeta ツ(窶冢窶堙冷?堋スツ)means jimen ツ(窶冢窶禿環)ツ、and by transforming the word into jibetarian and makeing it sound like "ニ弛ニ耽ニ椎?ニ但ニ停??, we made it mean ツ「窶堋キ窶堋ョ窶堙俄?冢窶禿岩?堙可催?窶堙ィツ最セ窶堙楪人ツ」.

P.S. I'm kinda running out of time right now, and can't really check my sentences, so some of them must be messed up, if so, gomen ne!!
Yeah, I meant people who squat like in the video. Thanks for the information and the etymology! 🙂

By the way, your sentences are fine. 👍:)
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