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How to say "I love you"


22 Jan 2004
Hiya ^^

:p I've been trying to find how to say I love you in Japanese (obviously....) all I could find was "aishite imasu". Is this the way? I'm sure there are a lot, but what is the most common?

The reason I'm asking is because I've always been interested... but mainly because I want to make a bracelet that says it! Its strange, but please help me out!!!

As far as I know "aishite imasu" is used, but most common is "(name)san wo daisuki desu" or "anata wo daisuki desu" or just "daisuki desu".
I hope I got it right!
I would use "aishite imasu" for a bracelet, because it is used in poems and lyrics often.
If you want to say to someone "I love you" aishiteroyo 爱してるよ is more direct than aishiteimasu.

If you use daisuki (a better choice imho, aishiteru is not used much) its 'ga daisuki' ;)

Hold the hand loveingly and give em "That Look" that says you can't live without them!!


what would, "ai shiteru" mean in what form? I heard it used as "I love you" somewhere...
There are several threads here about this very subject. There is a search feature. David mentioned one of the most useful ones above...
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