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How to pull an all-nighter?


23 Oct 2003
I have 2 math projects and my final math exam due for tomorrow. Don't ask me why my teacher gives us projects to do for exam week I have no clue. So I'm pretty sure I'll have to pull an all-nighter. But every time I try I give up or fall asleep somewhere. Anyone got any tips to stay awake? I don't like to drink coffee so that option is down.

For those of you who are thinking " why are you wasting your time in the forum then, instead of studying?" Right now I'm stuck at work listening to people whine about how they can't connect to their Internet. So while they figure out where the "connect" button is I got time to spare.

Take a 12 FT extention cord and while it's un-pluged, cut off the female end. Strip the wires back about a foot; duck-tape one side to your chin and one side to your chest below your chin. NOW, you're ready to plug it in. If you start to nod off your head will tilt down and your chin wire will hit your chest wire. GUARANTEED to wake ya right up !!!! Ya might want to make sure ya don't drool ar drink & dribble !!



:D 😊 :p 👏 🙂

and drive on down to Maine for a visit ! I know you Canuks got major snow mobile hiways to hell and back !


@hisota Hi🙂
@Luc, there is no easy option, get 5 packets of crisps, 4 tins of your favourite juice, one packet of chocolate biscuits(adrenalin, spell??) as long as you can munch, you"ll stay awake!!! pace yourself to a packet of crisps and one drink an hour!!! add in the occasional biscuit,, gooooo for it girl,,,,,,,👏 👏 👏
a great way to wake up is by not drinking anything with milk ( from my own experience ) ehehe.or listen to loud music and eat allot of candy so you get a sugar rush! hope i helped you =):D

1.Brew a pot of coffee extra-strong. (I recommend adding chickory. sp?)
2.Mix in 3 shots of espresso. (Buy anywhere, gas station, where ever.)
3.Pour yourself a LARGE cup. (At least 22 oz.)
4.Finally, add 5-6 pieces of Hersey's dark chocolate.
5.Drink, repeat if suicidal.

(There's enough caffeine in there to kill a moose.)
That sounds extreme. I wonder if there's a lot of caffeine in a hot chocolate since I can't stand the taste of coffee.

Well its 2am, just about done one project 1 more to go and studying. I'm getting more bored then tired but I do hear my bed calling out for me.:p
I've got a funny feeling that Luc now looks like his avatar.. sitting there sleeping with his eyes open and a good amount of dribbl-idge. :D ...man, I remember the couple of all nighters I did and how much they kicked my ***!

hope you pulled it off Luc! 👍

Whenever I pull an all nighter now (normally involving playing computer games with my friends, then going out drinking and dancing, then playing some more computer game *but drunk* then watching a film and then going to sleep around 9am) I just sleep till about 3pm then get a KFC. Sorts me right out. ;) mmmm friiieeedddd chicken!!!!! *yum*

I'm glade its over! I haven't gone to sleep yet but I think its the best way to go. Since it would throw off my body from its sleep time if I went to sleep right after my exam at 9am.
Wach Darkness Falls alone, in the dark with the speakers up. Ill give ya insomnia for a few days.
Uhhh. All-nighters...that's familiar.:)
For me, the solution is a bit of coffee, a lot of coke, and finally, when I'm really starting to drop some energy drinks. I'd prefer not to drink those, though, since they don't make me feel that good :/ Hands start to shake etc., and that's not good if you're trying to draw etc.
And of course, I keep all the lights on, keep the tv on, and listen to some good energetic music. And some exercise in between.
..I hope I won't have a lot of those nights during this spring.
I hear that coke and meth/speed will keep you up all night.

(Disclaimer - drug use is not encouraged. Don't try this at home kids)
If you're trying to pull an all-nighter and you need to take a nap or you have to get up in an hour or two, don't sleep on your bed, sleep on the floor. It's much easier to wake up this way.
Luc, I don't know what province you are from, but if from Ontario (or at worst the Outaouais, West Quebec) go to a 7-11 or something like it and get Jolt Cola ! That or its other convincing flavors like Cherry Bomb.

3 bottles can easily keep you awake all night. Best solution for 5 bucks.
Humm that's not a bad idea. If I'm downtown where the 7-11's are maybe ill pick some up.
Try drinking lots and lots of water if u're fallin asleep,u should wake up and pee half an hour later and continue the procedure,it works when i'm with my buddy during my army outfield training at night time:D
You can always go walk-about around the neighborhood. Worked wonders for me back when I needed to stay up to study and sic., and coffee/soda/tea just aren't cutting it. :)
Reminds me of my university years.....I pulled all-nighters regularly....Especially during revision before exams... 😊 What I did was drink coffee, had my msn message tuned in so we motivated each other staying awake in the dorm I stayed in.

I remember those exams in the UK when we had to write a paper at home and hand in 24 hours later - we literally stayed up all night and used all 24 hours in completing the work!!!
Once, my classmates and I bought caffeine pills at the pharmarcy and took about 3 pills each (only one was advised), and we drank coffee......NOT a good combination -lesson learned!!!!
We had to hand in our paper by 12pm, which we did - and our hands shook like an old person, and we didn't look alright!! We couldn't sleep afterwards, even if we wanted to, however, we got really good grades!!!
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