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Mar 14, 2002
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Welcome to the Japan Forum, and thank you for joining our community!

This is the third of a multiple-page help series to guide you on how to use the Japan Forum. This page will give you an overview over how to start a new thread, how to post to an existing thread and how to reply to a post by quoting an existing post.

Forum, sections and subfora

The forum currently consists of five main sections, broken down into several fora and subfora:

  1. Japan Forum
    • All Things Japanese
      • Japanese Food & Recipes
    • Japanese News & Hot Topics
    • Japan Practical
      • Working in Japan
      • Studying in Japan
    • Travelling in Japan
    • Entertainment
      • Anime & Manga
      • Japanese Music
      • Games & Consoles
  2. 日本語 Nihongo
    • 一般的なフォーラム
    • 英語勉強フォーラム - Learning English
    • Translations
    • Learning Japanese
  3. Member Lounge
    • Member Introductions
    • Serious Discussions
    • Community
    • Chit Chat & Miscellaneous
    • Classifieds
  4. China Forum
    • Chinese Culture, History & Language
    • Chinese News & Practical
  5. Site Administration
    • JREF Updates
    • Support, Feedback, FAQs

Starting a new thread

If you would like to start a new thread, navigate to the forum home page. You can click the link or just use the top navigation displayed on all pages. The image below shows the first main section; the arrows point at the fora under this section.


Choose the forum you would like to post in by clicking its title. This will open a thread list (see the image below).


Once you have found the right forum to post in, click the Post New Thread button.


This will open a form with several fields for you to fill in:


  • Thread Title: the title of your thread. Please keep it short and meaningful. Do not capitalise entire words and avoid smilies and other "embellishments".
  • Text Area: this is where you enter your message. You can format your post using the Rich Text editor beneath the Thread Title.
  • Tags: you can enter multiple tags which will display on top of your thread. Tags are a common method of adding keywords to content to aid searching and discovery.

Once you have finished writing up your message, click the Create Thread button to start your thread.

Additional options:


Other options include Watching the Thread which means you will receive email notifications every time someone replies to your thread and Posting a Poll.

Replying to an existing post

If you would like to reply to an existing post, navigate towards the bottom of the message.


Click the Reply link which will bring up the entire post in quotation tags. If you want to reply to specific parts of the post, edit the original message inside the quote tags.

If you want to reply to multiple posts at once click the " Quote link in each message, then the Insert Quotes ... button. Simply reply beneath all quotes messages.


To post your reply to an existing post, click the Post Reply button.

Quick Reply

If you would like to reply quickly to an existing thread, navigate to the Quick Reply box at the bottom of each message.


Write your message into the text area and click the Post Reply button.

If you have any further questions, please post them in this thread.
Apr 4, 2014
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Where do i click to put a "]USER=userid @username/USER[" into my reply?
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Unswerving cyclist
Mar 14, 2002
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Unless you refer to the quoting function (which adds the quoted message and the user automatically) just type the @ mark and start adding the username without space. This will prompt a selection of users whose handle starts with the same letters.