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how to pay for Sophia University's FLA program?


23 Jun 2011
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i'm currently applying to be an undergraduate student at Sophia University in Tokyo, and if i'm accepted, it's going to cost a lot of money to transfer (depending on how well my credits transfer).
I'm an American, and so usually I am able to go to banks here and get private student loans from banks. but i've come to find out that most places (i've checked sites like citibank and other big banks) won't loan me any money for a Japanese based university.

i was wondering if there's anyone else here who has experience about getting funding to get a degree in Japan. or if anyone knows some international undergrads at Sophia that I could get in contact with? I really want to find out some information about this as i have no idea how i'm going to pay for the school if i'm accepted in a few weeks, and i really want to go.

I realize there are scholarships, but there is always the chance that I won't get any, and of course I need the loan to be able to pay tuition if i'm accepted.

any information or experience will be appreciated.

also please know I already know about the scholarships they offer and have already applied for those... i'm talking about student LOANS or some sorta support or something since not everyone gets scholarships.

are all the international FLA students really just rich?? lol.

i should get my results in a week.
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